Change to monster/raid chest timer acceleration

I occasionally, when I think I am getting close to an elemental chest and it aligns with a bit of free time, will spend a gem or two on monster and raid chests to get them to pop at the same time. Never has this been an issue and I could accelerate the monster chest for say 1 gem and the raid chest for 2 gems at the same time.

This morning I intended to accelerate a raid chest and mistakenly hit the monster chest. Well, what I was greeted with was a 68 minute ‘cool down’ to accelerate the raid chest, exactly what was left on my monster chest timer before I accidentally accelerated it. I am certain this is new, and I am almost certain it was not disclosed as a change.

I don’t spend much to accelerate the chests, like I said, mostly to get it in a window of free time (with two kids that is tough) and this is now an inconvenience after playing over 2 years in this manner.

Will I live, yes, should this have been disclosed, yes.

PS - this is different than the cool down when you skip ahead too many in short order, this is allowing only one chest to be accelerated at a time.

Are you absolutely sure its different? Some proof should be offered before jumping to conclusions.

I was able to skip both my chests since I had 2 skips available.

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I’ve never bothered to see what the limits are but there are some in place that don’t let you skip timers for a period of time once you’ve accelerated the chests too often. I’m sure others have figured out the logic but it’s definitely not new.

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There always were limits. It’s to prevent big spenders from getting too many elemental chests.


I’ve never hit the limit, nor have I ever accelerated more than one of each chest in a single day. The remaining time EXACTLY aligns to how much I skipped on that single monster chest this morning. I did not skip any chests yesterday, at all. So yeah, I’m sure, and this is different than the forced cooldown for too many skips in a certain time period. This was a cooldown ‘transfer’ of sorts from the monster chest to raid chest, which, ironically, had less time left and opened on it’s own, forcing the remaining time back to the monster chest.

This may be ‘working as intended’ EXCEPT I am certain I did not hit the skip cap - like I mentioned, it was my only one within easily the last 30+ hours. Are you on the latest version @KLinMayhem? That minor update from yesterday?

Yes I am. your screenshot just tells me you didn’t have any skips available. you get 3 per day, 1 every 8 hours. You cap out at 3 as well.


The problem is, I didn’t skip 3 per day. This was my first in over 24 hours. Maybe it is a bug affecting my account. If it keeps happening I’ll submit a ticket.

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