Change To Mana Ratings - Percentage or Tile Value

This is something that only occurred to me after reading the Aegir sucks thread.

One of the discussions there is that his mana speed should possibly be fast rather than average. Some then pointed out this might push him the other way from being too rubbish to too good(lol…)

So, when talking about specials, they’re all done as a percentage. This means rather than just having 4 or 5 possible values you can fine tune all the damage very precisely.

With Mana we had Slow, Average, Fast and more recently we’ve started getting Very Fast(and I think there may even be some Very Slow?)

This means moving a hero from Average to Fast is actually a pretty major buff.

So, why not just have mana as a percentage or tile rating so it can be tailored more precisely and offer more flexibility when buffing or debuffing heroes?

I know that the ‘only’ important bit is how many tiles it takes to activate a special but with the increase in heroes who slow mana down or speed mana up, mana troop and ghosting you could make more incremental changes.

Obviously, I’ve not really thought the exact mechanics through so any comments welcome.

Not all tiles have the same value. If you send the tiles into an empty space, they give more mana

I’m not super active on the forum, but I’ve lurked for a long while. I fully support this idea; it was a game changer for me to actually understand what was meant by the different Mana speeds.
Perhaps we could keep the best of both worlds; keep the current Mana speeds displayed as categories but offer more granularity within those speeds for each individual hero. This would be an enormous change to the game, troubling for those that can’t math, but also would provide SG another avenue to rebalance existing heroes, just like buffing or nerfing of a special’s damage by 5 or 10 percent.

Aegir is a bad example because many of his critiques have little to do with his Mana speed, but for example if he is underpowered at average (10) and overpowered at fast (8), then why not take him to 9.5?

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