Change to Balbar

Add a decrease to accuracy from enemy attacks
similar to Väinämöinen‘s special when enemy is asleep.

All enemies get -60% accuracy for 3 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills and tile damage equivilent to 600 or more per turn to wake target up.

My point is an alternative idea to any target hit by a tile being enough to wake the target that is asleep by balbar. It makes his special simply annoying and quite useless. Who agrees?

I do. I only have one and I was tempted to give him up in the soul exchange. I see no reason to put resources toward a hero whose special has so little effect. It would be fantastic if he could be a 5* version of Tetukh…maybe the target and nearby enemies are silenced and effect cannot be cleansed or target is silenced and takes some kind of damage per turn like Proteus. I expect better of HOTMs.

This HOTM is pretty weak and needs a buff, an average single target with insignificant damage, the condition of sleep as well is almost useless as the target can be awaken by tiles,
The only thing I can think to maximize his potential right now is to pair him with another sniper.

My suggestion is to put the target to sleep and to apply debuffs to target and nearby enemies that predisposes them damage increase by 50% for 3 turns regardless theyre sleeping or not.

Please buff him. I rarely see him on battle

faced him in today’s war and he was absolutely nasty, since I couldn’t get red tiles. My specials were finally loaded, but 2 of my 3 red heroes slept deeply. And this sleep is not cleansable, so under right conditions he is good. No need for a buff again.

I would really appreciate it if he was buffed but I really don’t believe that it is going to happen.

All that has to be done to make him useful is for tile damage not to wake the target. Right now minions cannot wake the sleeping target, so I believe that the tiles should not either.

After all, Balbar is only a Hotm, so he should not be more powerful than event heroes, and as a “sniper” with a 1 target ailment that should be enough.

Thanks for this input, I have faced him on defense but he did not give me any trouble. Maybe I should just stick him in the corner and let him do his thing…

We shouldnt really belittling a hero just because they are HOTM, hes still a 5* and deserves some love, I know there are more weaker heroes there that needs buff more than him but he also needs too because of his current condition

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I have Lepiota, who’s special is much better, so I fed this weakling to the soul exchange. That proofs he really needs a buff.

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I’d appreciate if his sleep was same as either silence like Proteus or mana reduction like Hansel . Set a turn limit . His big drawback is sleep is over after any damage . Either way he is an ok hero I have to use a lot until a better one comes along and he was free .

I understand what you are saying, and you’re right a 5* should not be underestimated. This is not what I meant. Even SG themself said, Hotms should not be more powerful than event heroes.

I have him, and I have G. Chameleon, Lianna and Zocc. Which of these would you say is the best? Which of these would you max with limited resources?
For me the answer is clear, the Chameleon gets the materials because of his utility. And Zocc, in my case is maxed because he was the 1st green 5* I had.
Balbar definitely needs some love, and I say make his “sleep” turn based, and or, do not let tile damage awaken the sleeper.
This would not make him op, but it would certainly make him more valuable.

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Too bad this wasn’t recorded.
I’m trying to imagine how it happened and wondering if you had 3 reds vs last man (Blabur).
And then he continually slash attacks the 3rd red repeatedly. That would have been an enjoyable video.
How many tries to recreate 2 heroes in a coma?

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I would have loved to have seen that. It’s such a pity that we cannot see our own defenses when we are raided.
It would help us enormously, and we would have the fun watching the so called rubbish heroes actually doing incredible things.

I didn’t get him… But he isn’t nearly as good as lepioda… It just a bad combo.

He has a niche over lepiota in wars. He can shut down the last wing, something leppy can’t do

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20 merge plz @Dudeious.Maximus

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Never leveled balbar. His useless.