Change the villagers


Those bald-headed, shirtless, only male villagers don’t look good.
Please change them in the future.
Add females so there are 1/2 males and 1/2 females.
Give atleast a few of the guys hairs and give them some clothes.
I have a rich kindom and I don’t want that my villagers look homeless.

With best regards

Mon(k)ey King


And what about dogs? Dogs and cows!
How is that farms give me meat but there’s no animals around? They should give me bread!

We want cows.


Sorry, no ham from cows. Piggies for ham. :wink:


Don’t talk about food with an italian :face_with_monocle:


Then we need guinnepigs. Premium mountain food. Tastes like chicken.


Manny good ideas. SG please implement this.


We got zombie villagers during Halloween.


Llamas please. Thanks.


All ideas are great but I’m serious. The villagers are scary. Did they kill all women? What happened in the first night of our kingdoms?