Change the raiding selector so that it picks people with a similar level to battle against


Every time I have your raid generator choose a random person to battle it picks people with a level so much higher than mine that there is no chance of me even coming close to winning and that’s terrible I would rather lose a raid to some one within the same general level as me not someone 10 to 20 levels above me


Player level has nothing to do with the strength of the team or how difficult it is to beat. It is just a measure how much and long they played.

Player level only affects how much world energy you have, how many heroes you can store or maximum team cost.

Of course generally higher level means better team, but not always. You can get a strong team with money without having a high level.

It matches you against people with almost same amount of trophies. That is the measurement how good someone is.


I’ve been matched in raids with players who are 500 different to me (both plus and minus).

That’s a big difference, and although it sometimes works for me, and sometimes against, it’s too much imho.


It is not possible, screenshot if you get a 500 cup difference again. The difference in cups can be max 280, unless it is a revenge. You can revenge any cup difference even if the difference has changes since lot since the raid. Also the end of province fights can giver very different cup players. Also the raid opponent can be remembered from a time when the difference was smaller. Just hit reroll and you shouldn’t get more than 280 difference. And usually the difference is smaller


Is there a way to zero out cups without tanking or is tanking the only way?



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lol ok I have had cup differences of up to 1000 cups are they ever gonna fix this[quote=“GiggleS1620, post:1, topic:4648”]


What? :slight_smile:

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Well that sucks on the bright side I just learned you can skip wait times chests with gems combined with raid flasks I can complete 2-3 raid chests a day sweet.