Change the name for "Family Bonus"

As in the explanation says it is called “Family Bonus” and how can that work with only one hero. We know it is for magic, kingdom and S5 heroes, we know that you will not fix it and it is all about money but please at least change the name for families that can get the bonuses even with only one hero

Existence Bonus
The hero/heroes become even stronger as more of them exist

Money Bonus
Heroes are strong but they get stronger as you pay

Sadness Bonus
If a hero is alone and misses its family, we give it a bonus


So, depending from which family hero comes from, he gets bonuses for 1/2/3/4/5 members of the same family on team. Some families require only one member on team for bonus and some two or more.

Clearer now?

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lol at Sadness Bonus

How about,
power Creep Bonus? (Considering the poor original S1s don’t have any)


That is a very valid complaint and, in fact, is the reason I can’t sleep more than 2 hours a night.

I wake up covered in sweat, thinking about family bonuses and stay in bed, staring at the ceiling, paralyzed by this terrible injustice.


I like it. S1 family bonus: -10%/20%/30%/40%/50% attack for 1/2/3/4/5 heroes.


I dont know if it is an ironi. How can you say its name as a family bonus if it applies to one hero only. Explanation is wrong all I am saying.


I think you should have to pay gems each time you want to use the family bonus.


Throw in some defense reduction and mana speed reduction, like all S1 heroes get collectively slapped in the face by Treevil on a daily basis anyway

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It’s the bonus that is granted by family and in some cases it’s only one hero and gets increased for more heroes

To be fair to @Kenji69666, I wondered if your thread itself was sarcastic for a second.

I mean sure, the concept of family implies multiple individuals, but is it really a problem?

Also, I’m alone right know, but as far as I know, I’m still part of my family. calls my father to check if he hasn’t disowned me


And sometimes, being in a rich family it’s a bonus you could spend some money on yourself and if there were like three of you together, the bonus would be to spend even more

S1 doesn’t have family bonusses because all of them are orphans.

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Well, they are still in the family so why not get a family bonus even if it’s just the one? Then you can get more if there are more family members in the team

I’m assuming the post is a bit of a joke but to be honest when being worried at power creep etc family bonuses are the least of your worries :laughing:

Why did you think it is a joke? Family bonuses started with Atlantis and people were teaming up to get the bonuses. Now EP strategy is this. Even if you get one hero i give you bonuses so don’t hesitate to pull. You will not need another family member to use that. If SGG would like to make this hero more and more powerful, then they should add it to its passive or sth. And people saying it is still a member of the family, other s2 s3 s4 ninja event heroes are also the member of their families but they don’t get bonus when they are alone.

Why there should be people around supporting SGG even with ridiculous things when a player is complaining? You don’t have to always support it since you like the game. I believe that you may also support the idea that heroes get full family bonus when the other members are on the bench. Soon amulets and other items will come to game to use in wars and raids. Another stage will be open for break limit. New op gargoyles will come. I am already giving up, what will you do?

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Stranger : Are you married?

Me : Yes I -

Stranger : But you’re alone!

Me : My wife went to th-

Stranger : You cannot say you’re married if you’re alone!

Me : Errr… I’m single?

Crowd : Watch out!

A giant boulder appear out of thin air, crushing the man to death. A woman was seen feeling the scene of the crime.


This looks like a review of a movie I’ve watched recently on Netflix “The Lobster”. :laughing:

Yes, with this logic you can enter any “couples only” places like disco and bars with only saying I am married. Guards will feel you.

Styx is the only legit family in all this since everyone is related except for Amphitrite. What is she even doing there?

That woman must have been Onatel, given that she can’t see and has to rely on feeling

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As with the Dalton family, 1/2/3/4 members can all be robbed, more members are easier to rob.
If 1 member has no skill, why do many members have that skill?