Change the bonus scoring system of Raid Tournaments

We are currently in the 11th round of weekly raid tournaments. It is fun to play within the defined restrictions of each tournament, to have to plan defences you normally wouldn’t, and to have to take a different approach to offensive tactics, and I’ve saltily enjoyed learning that I suck at using 4* heroes properly.
Whether you compete for loot, or just use the tournament energy to fill your hero chest quicker, the tournaments are a welcome change of pace. But there is still a huge issue that is holding a significant portion of the playerbase back from enjoying it fully, and that is the matchmaking, or more specifically the frequency of matching.

Since day one there have been complaints about matching frequencies, and fairness in matching. These complaints were quickly acknowledged, and rewards were cut drastically until a solution could be found. Two months later and we have heard little or no info in terms of getting back up to full force.
I don’t know if the problem with matching against equal opponents still exists, I find myself matched against strong defences in 5* tournaments but I can use equally strong offensive setups. In 3/4* tournaments I often find my unemblemed heroes matched against fully emblemed defences, yet they are still winnable. Not sure if that problem still persists for newer or intermediate players.

The problem with matching frequency is still 100% there, but I have a concise and hopefully simple proposal to address it.
Every week for me personally follows the same formula; I will be attacked twice on day one, many times on days two and three, and then back to very few attacks on the final day. Several members of my alliance, the same members each week, report a similar pattern. Several, again the same members each week, report that they get attacked dozens of times every day, including around 30 defences in the first 3 hours of day one. Two in particular, show that they never get attacked at all on the first day.
Bonus points are then issued at the end of every day. Two members are guaranteed that they cannot breach their C grade on the first day which puts them at an immediate handicap due to bonus points.
I have had bad tournament weeks where I have been eliminated on the third day, while my defence is still being attacked on the fourth, so defences do not get removed once a player is unable to attack. Logic therefore dictates that the frequency of attacks should only decrease as the days pass and more players run out of lives to attack, although of course random chance doesn’t guarantee this.

Leaving the bonuses to the mercy of random matching and incremental score boosts is a hugely sketchy idea, and after 11 weeks now a pattern is prevalent that suggests this is not even random at all, and we have to just accept it. We are a top 5 alliance of hugely competitive players, with a small nucleus of us feeling they are excluded from being competitive in an otherwise fun game mode, and it is evident from posts on here that it extends far further than just us.
The problem was there during beta testing of the event, some of us went entire tournaments without being attacked while many were shown “no opponent found” when attempting to attack, suggesting that opponents were drawn from selective pools and not every member was being granted permission to attack certain members. In a pool of 100 or so players in beta we had to chalk it up to the small number of availabilities scrambling the system somehow, this can’t be allowed to carry on in the main game.
In 11 weeks of Tournaments, I have attacked the same member of my former alliance 3 times. I have probably attacked the same players I don’t know several times over without realising. Am I penned in a small group of players somehow where 99.9% of players can’t attack me? Are my alliance mates in much larger pens of players where multiple people can hit their defence at the same moment?

The simple solution I am proposing is just to multiply the grade bonuses 5x and apply them at the end of the final battle day, giving a lump sum bonus score for the entire weeks performance, rather than separate days. I don’t know if this could be used as a permanent solution for the matching problems, but would definitely work as a short term fix while something else is worked out, if it still is. Currently it feels like the tournaments are a write off that devs have stopped caring about.

Separate day bonuses would work fine if they were based off attacking rather than defending, as it dictates that every player has an equal chance to score points and is based off your own performance. Distributing points daily based off defending punishes players who simply don’t get attacked that day, and is out of their hands.

Personally this week, I was attacked twice on day one and lost both for an E grade. Now, on the final day, I have been attacked around 30 times with an A grade and win rate above 70%. My defence is perfectly functional, I lost several hundred potential points due to the distribution of attacks. For all I know, the eventual winner of the tournament may have only been attacked once for a 100% record. Nothing will change that, however the overall performance would actually significantly reflect in the final scoring.
The tournament is ran over a full week, not a day.

I agree that this has to change.

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I like this idea of accumulating the scores over the days and finalising with a bonus score at the end. In this sense it means as a player I wont get penalised for being unlucky that the RNG system is unable to match me up with people (right?) and it also allows players to have a fair chance of leveling out their attacks over the days, before determining their final score.

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I agree (obviously), but like to add that I was attacked only 3 times in this last tournament! So, there has to be a failsafe for that too. 3 times…:frowning:

Agree with this idea… Awesome one Doc

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