Change talent wound

Talent wound in barbarian class is according to other talents really weak. In my opinion should be change to something usefull…may be something like, 20% chance to lower the defense with 25% on random target for 2 turns in end of the turn…
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Weak? Have you ever try that on titans?

Im sure yes, but can not more imagine, how strong the effect was…may be I will see it tomorrow…but the few damage points what I can see on monsters or on heroes …i can not imagine, that it will be a WAW on titan…but I will be glad,that untill I will find it out, if you or somebody else share with us the damage on titan make from this abillity

It’s also handy in bloody battles. Mono or even 4 colors stacking and that bleed is devastating.

As for titans, I don’t have a screenshot nearby. But when you consider a boosted tile being able to reach over 5K, 60% in 5 turns means 12% so 600 bleed each turn. That’s not weak at all. When you face GM, it’s often deadly his bleed + fire DOT.

I agree it’s weak. In most cases it’s insignificant to the outcome of the battle. Unlike some like revive, or evade that can really change the results. Even on Titans where the bleed is higher, the extra 80 or so points damage per turn isn’t worth the extra time it takes for the bleed damage to be applied at the end of every turn.

When raiding, has anyone one ever thought, dang, I just got hit with bleed, I have to cleanse right away? I sure hope not, but think of how you feel when you need to kill a rogue and they evade, or when C-Joon revives 2 times in a row to fire his special. Bleed isn’t even in the same conversation as far as value to a hero or team.


Barbarian is the most technical class to use. It is the only class where you need critical hits to work. Crit troops are recommended when using barbarians

I think the only viable option is to improve the damage output of the stackable Wound since changing it to another talent is already way long past the meridian point of return. Be reminded that this is the only talent that can be stacked to itself and other skills that cause bleeding, the damage overtime dependent on the attack stat of the barbarian hero.

maybe increase the chance of wound effect trigger to 100% at max level

I don’t mind the talent itself, but i wish that this class was assigned properly to offense heroes only…
BK is a tankish tank which should be a paladin or something but instead they made him barbarian. Hm. :thinking:

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It’s a way to balance the hero. Paladin Bk will be obnoxious to face. Fighter gravemaker as well, last ditch special because he revived. And rogue kage because dispel priority wasn’t OP enough, he gets to dodge your attacks like a ninja…wait a minute.


I would also add that barbarian is really the weakest class out there. I wish more support would be given to barbarians.
For example mok-arr. This poor fearsome shark is helpless against dark enemies when it comes to tile damage as well (not just his special). As dark resists itself, the amount of bleed damage he deals to them is too pitiful, just a pathetic scratch with his butcher knives
Barbarian’s skill needs to be buffed to at least 50%

I thought it was the sorcerer class. Mana delay of 50% for 2 turns to a single target (am I right?)? It is almost nothing. Also dispellable. At least Wound is stackable to itself and deals damage, which may be petty, but it is still damage nonetheless. I’ve seen enemy heroes and monsters and mob bosses die due to the barbarian talent.

Yeah sorcerer would be the second to last class with a useless talent (maybe it could be a separate buff sorcerer thread). But sometimes being able to slow someone’s mana for even 2 turns can buy you some time. On defence it can be irritating. Not much but still useful. Barbarian is solely dependant on tiles which is also subjected by factors like raw damage, type advantage etc. Yay you get bleed damage, but eww just 4 damage per turn like wtf.

Lol. Haha. Well, I agree that those 2 talents are among the worse, if not the worst. I just barely see sorcerer talent procs. I have Mitsuko and Uraeus fully emblemed but barely see them do their talent. I see bleed everytime as I have Gravemaker, Ametrine, Kageburado, 2 Nordris, and Karil fuly emblemed (darn, I should allocate my upcoming barb emblems to some of my very much used heroes: Miki, Azlar, etc.).

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