Change talent button from “Learn” to “Develop” or “Select”

I spent talent emblems unintentionally because I weirdly understood “Learn” to mean “learn more about” versus “spend my emblems on this”. I am not complaining, but suggest that since one doesn’t really “learn” talents, but rather “develops” or “applies” them that it might be appropriate to change the button text to one of those words. Alternatively, making it a simple “select” button might reduce the possibility of misunderstanding :slight_smile:

When talents were first released I tapped on the Learn button expecting more information too. But I didn’t have enough emblems for it to inadvertently use them, thankfully.

I agree it’s not the clearest word choice.

There could also just be a confirmation before applying them.

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FYI I moved this post to #ideas-feature-requests so it can be voted on and have more appropriate visibility as a suggestion for the devs.

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TYes, a confirmation would also work :slight_smile:

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