Change Scoring method to Challenge Events

This is just a comment to open a discussion, my intention is not to attack or offend any player.

Don’t you think it’s time to change the scoring method of challenge events a bit? The events have already become very monotonous, how daring or intelligent it is to spend tons of war items and refill flasks to reach the first places.

Don’t you think it is more difficult to complete a level 14 or 15 of the Legandary without using battle elements and with all your heroes alive?

Playing fast is not synonymous of playing smart.
It is already tiresome to see the big spender is in the first positions.

When I refer to changing the scoring method, give additional points to:
A. Points to players who do not use battle elements.
B. Point to players who like to take risks and use 2 or 3 heroes of the reflector color. Extra points if those heroes alive at the end.
C. Give extra points to those players who acomulate to end of event the most quantity combos.
D. Finish a level without a healer.
E. Additional points for the player who wins the level with the least number of tiles movements.

Finishing a level in the shortest time possible, end with all heroes alive and use battle elements should not be the only way to score increase.

I like your reasons and ideas

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It is not a bad idea!!! Quite interesting to apply !!!

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I’m not sure if someone has proposed a similar idea but it feels original, could you help us with your opinion please @Petri @Guvnor thx

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Tagging @moderators works too.
Is there a similar thread elsewhere? :thinking:
Yes I could of used the search tool, but you guys / gals are soo much better at it :hugs:.

A thoughtful and reasoned argument I thought @JJOVEGA. You’ve got my vote.

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Love this!!! Thoughtful and considerate of important aspects of the game that could change the effects back to its original intention. Gameplay! Vote is for you, my friend

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Definitely. There are dozens of ways to reward and improve your score. Amount of bombs and diamonds made on the board; not use special abilities of the heroes. Average the score to the number of times the same level is repeated. That makes the game more challenging and entertaining.

I like the ideas proposed.

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Well, I must say I like the idea of change, but I don’t really think changing the actual format for challenge events is the best way to go.

Small Giant and Zynga should make this game more inclusive for all sort of puzzles solvers. If the expected result is to sell a good game, by changing the actual format, you would attempt to eliminate the players who liked that type of game play and have put thousands in profits to the company, so let’s not tell them that straight out.

I personally think they should create other match-3 based puzzles for more types of players. Be more inclusive.

I thought about a temporary alliance challenge, where you could use some gems to participate and would have temporary borrowed fully leveled heroes you could use at your disposal for the length of the event. It could include real time scheduled live battles, or stream the final showdown of the event. This would give new players an incentive to go after some heroes in their everyday playing, it would spice up things for old players, etc. Everybody wants to see a live match.

New players keep the game alive, old players make the challenge fun, so give more options to all sorts of people. Keep the best of the old, change some of the existing, bring more and more sorts challenges and let people decide where they want to compete.

But let’s be realistic, we want to have a great game and we don’t want to become addicted spenders. We want to be our best, but not pay a terribly high price, financially or otherwise.

I know your post is well intentioned by points C & E are the crux of how people rake high scores in events - most stages except Epic 15 and Legendary 15 can be completed with 1 move. The idea is to generate the highest combo score with that 1 move to maximise your match bonus.
In addition with point D - most event teams do not require a healer for the simple fact that you are aiming for a 1 move kill (i.e. your heroes are not going to get hit). The rare times that a ‘healer’ is used, it is mainly for the buffs they provide (e.g. Kiril, Tarlak, Ratatoskr) rather than the healing ability.

Do events need a rework in scoring? Yes. Because it is monotonous and at the moment he has degenerated into chest hunting. However, unless they cap the number of resets you are allowed (and trust me they won’t because its $$$ for SGG with people spending gems on refills) it will always be dominated by people who are able to spend.

Great call. I agree with you the events are great and I have some amazing hero’s but no matter what I do I can’t get anywhere near the top. Best I get is top 10001 to 100k and I would say I am reasonably decent player. And I refuse to use loads of w.e revisiting the same level to get the best possible score as others will spend to many flags just waiting for the perfect start with like 10 hit combo’s. So how can the average player’s get a fair crack at the top prizes. As 4 star ascend items are very hard to get in the first place so to see the same faces claiming the same prizes every event is a little disheartening :pensive:. So a change in the way we all play would be welcome so that the new players and old players can all get a fair shout at top prizes. Not just the pay to win Player’s. So for me I would welcome a fairer solution to this and all events

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