Change Rush Attack Wars

If they don’t change the offered heroes until release then no - as Alfrike wasn’t in there at all…

and I think it won’t be in there for a long time

The whole rush mode should be changed

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I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. Rush wars against alfrike and revivers are the easiest ones. Auto fill your team, hit attack, and the battle is over in about a minute. Huge timesaver in that you don’t need to strategize on what team to use or how to play the board. It’s a win/win.

Rush wars are driving players away. At least rush tournaments you can blow off. Bring back field aid.

You have just outlined a strategy to bring your chances of winning these battles down to zero, from between 10 and 80% (depending on your roster quality and depth).

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This pretty much sums up the reason why people hate this mode, it’s brainless and requires little to no strategy to win matches

Obviously the sarcasm was completely missed in my comment. Luckily for me, since my roster is neither talented nor deep, rush wars are by far the least time consuming of any variation.

It’s really boring to attack the same team multiple times, especially in quick war. I would suggest deploying 6 different defense teams in the war, changing with a cycle of 1-2 hours. After all, it is the 30 best heroes that are taken into account when selecting an opponent. Perhaps then we will see other excellent defense teams, and not just the Mother of the North-Krampus-Alfrika-Black Knight-Alberich.

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