Change Rush Attack Wars

Sorry to see a 3 year veteran leave, but i would argue he didn’t leave because of rush wars that happen twice over a 6 week period. Probably more to it

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When he said he had enough of BS vf mana and knowing him for nearly 3 years I believe him I don’t question his decision especially as he was one of our best players

I kinda like the idea of rush war, which is to make you field a very different team than what your normaly using. BUT when your fighting at the lvl I am right now - its normal to encounter an alliance with half the board covered in Alfrike tanks - and here we have an example of a hero that simply gets rediculously powerful under these rules. When that happens we have absolutly no chance of winning that war, which is kinda frustrating.

I would love if they changed the rule of rush was to something like “All heroes gets 25% mana speed” This would still benefit slower heroes more than faster heroes. And if you build a team, where someone buffs mana, and use mana troops you would be able to reach mana speed numbers of over 40-60% This would still make someone like Alfrike a very good hero, but it would not take her from Very slow to Very fast which simply is too big of a jump in my opinion.

What the heck happened to field aid?!? I had just finished maxing my Morgan and Field Aid disappeared…never got to use her even once! I figured it would be back after some number of rotations, but seems to not be the case? WTF?

I have read that rush attack wars is like coin flip. Strangely enough for coin flip, my F2P/C2P alliance have 100% win rate in rush attack AW. My alliance use red tank, 70% allies use Azlar, Khagan, & Elena as their tank.

This is true.


Field aid has been discontinued for some time already. Field aid is nothing compared to these broken war rules.

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