Change Rush Attack Wars

Rush mode is great! It was the best thing to ever happen for the player base, and I’m grateful it exists.

Once upon a time saturations were sparse.
Most were using combinations of Kunchen and Ursena, but even up top we saw red tanks. Just before Telly constipated the entire Legendary Camp
There were still holy and ice tanks all the way up into the top 50 alliances. Players had control of the meta, not SG. Players had control of solutions and strategy, not SG.

Once upon a time the creep pace was “mellow”

This "agenda" has increased the effect of RnG. In a way that strategy becomes $tragedy more and more. And Rush mode does such a wonderful job of shining a bright spotlight on how the entire game is gravitating towards RnG dependent mechanics, that require expensive niche “red buttons” in order to get a dose of dopamine while you stare at your phone for hours and hours to… connect 3 tiles.

Mana boost will become more prevalent.
And creeps will continue to get faster and faster.

Rush mode highlights the truth of this connect-3 that has extreme costs in order to beat your chest and brag about your skill. I’m excited for the day when all events and the entire game is one giant rush mode. This will assist folks struggling with addiction, and help them to see genuine value in their lives, far beyond an expensive child’s game in their phone.

Nothing is more exciting than watching thousands of people liberate themselves:


Reclaim your lives! Do something productive.
Be an example to your children.
Rather than a slave to your phone…

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