Change of the system of leaderboards / alliance scores

Currently the leaderboards are linked with the number of trophies you have in the game. This solution has advantages and disadvantages. It’s not bad but I would like to introduce new system of leaderboards.

For the new system of player leaderboards (that also affects alliance score) I would propose:
a) number of trophies - as it is today
b) points for finishing in top places in events/tournaments etc. (could be points for top 100, for top 1000 - the idea is that the higher place you finish, the more points you get):

  • weekly tournaments
  • events like (knights of avalon)
  • ninja tower
  • maybe some points for mythic titans (individually)
    c) points for gaining experience during a particular period of time (for example 1 000 000 exp that you collect = 1 point)

The new player position and player score in the leaderboards would include all those categories (maybe we could add more).

Then we need to decide how often we should reset the score from points b) and c). I have two possible alternatives:
a) all the scores are calculated in a particular month and are reset at the end of the month - this gives a chance to make an award Player of the June, July etc. - for best players extra gifts etc.
b) all the scores are reset after for example 60 days so you always have score from the last 2 months - it shows how good you are in the last two months.

This solution would give us the answer who is currently the top player in the game.
That would also change the positions of alliances.

What do you think of this idea? Share your opinions…

Everybody knows that the current leader board set up is broken as it is tied to the number of cups a player has. It is a relic of the past. The only logical thing we can relate it to is the raid chest tier arena. Everyone knows that opening chests in diamond arena has generally better loot than that in other arenas.

The system worked great for as long as heroes were on close par with each other. Everybody had a chance top be top dog for 15 minutes back then. As a non spending noob I used to think I’ll never stand a chance to be #1. Took some time to understand the system and realise the fact that getting into the top spots ain’t that big of a deal, everyone with a few decent heroes some know-how and some raid flasks could do it. Still, I remember the first time I broke into top 10… what a rush! Stoped at #4 that time, but the adrenaline flow was far greater than any of the ulterior #1 placings. That’s one thing I’ll always remember about E&P, even when it will become a distant memory.
Today things turned 180° around. Getting to be # 1, even for a few minutes become mission impossible for the vaste mases of non and low spenders. Glad I got my share back when it was possible, today it would be just another impossible to acomplish E&P milestone…
Back to the OP, change it, leave it as it is, I just don’t care, not one bit. I don’t stand any chance to get there anymore and I never will again, most likely. The only thing that global top100 shows today is who spends the most money.

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Give up raiding for trophies a long time ago. As quickly as you get them some one takes them away. I look for big ham and ore to collect they feed my troops and heroes and build my battle weapons

Do you really care about ranking so much? You know if you make players to compete against each other, players will spend more money. More competitions = more money for Zinga….

Seniority of alliance:

More a player stays in a alliance, more powerful /prize /points get

I’m tired of “new alliance” full of pro player that destroied serious alliance

That’s why I make my proposal. To choose best player and not only that has most trophies.

A long time ago I played a different base build/raid style game, where the leaderboard was also based around the trophy count (both personal and alliance). The difference was, each week the scores were all reset to 0 and off we went again. The start time varied by an hour or 2, like titan, to give each timezone a fair shot.

No idea if that was a better concept than the one in E&P as both are always going to be dominated by the best rosters/defences anyway, but at least a smaller alliance could see their name at the top, if they were quick out of the blocks when the new round started!

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