Change of name for a fee

Guys, I’ve never changed my nick and I know that the first time is free. If I click I look for 500 diamonds, why?


Most likely,
a) You changed it in a drunken state and forgot.
b) You changed it a long time ago and forgot.
c) You changed it without knowing.
d) Someone else on your phone changed it.
e) It is a bug with the application.

Bugs happen, but it seems more likely that someone could accidentally or unknowingly change their name. SG should be able to easily see a log. Send in a ticket if you truly see no way itd have changed on your end. But I can’t think of any other reason.

I’m sorry, buddy, but none of your reasons are valid. I joined 2 months ago with this name. How do I open a ticket for bugs?

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