Change of alliance banner doesn’t stick

Not sure why, but I have tried to change the background color numerous times now and after a bit it just reverts back to the original color. If I look at the leaderboard I do see that others managed to change it, so not sure why it is not working for me.

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The same thing is happening to the leader and coleader of our alliance.

Edit: When you view the overview of the alliance members it shows incorrectly(old) but if you click on an actual member the banner shows correctly(updated)

Hmm, I’m off to test it. For science! :grin:

EDIT: I changed ours from Red to purple, switched screens to Line, came back two minutes later and it was Red again. Report!

EDIT 2: Changed again from Red to green. This one is stuck until I closed out of the game. Now back to Red. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for the report, we’ll look into this!

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It kind of stuck now. If I click on an alliance member, the background of the banner is purple (good), if I look for our alliance, it is purple. But in the alliance description it changes back and forth from green to purple (without anyone touching it, it is like magic. We do have a magic mushroom, my theory is, it oozes green, so the banner turns green sometimes :wink:)

Ha! We picked purple too. Ours is stuck now. I still need to test a co-leader changing it.

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