"Change Name" button too close to x-out button

This is a simple design suggestion. Too often when I look at my profile page, I accidentally push the “name change” button instead of the x to leave the page. It costs 500 gems to change my name, and my kids have done this many times too, which is frustrating for them. I wish the name change button was on the left or below my name. It shouldn’t be so easy to accidentally push it. Thanks for listening, love the game. :slight_smile:

That happens to me many times too.

My alliance ex-leader accidentally change his username because of that.


I do that all the time too.

It’d certainly be a welcome change to have those buttons farther apart.


I never noticed before how close they were. But then I rarely use the ‘X’ and tend to hit the phone back button to exit screens. I always associate ‘X’ with exit the program :grin:

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Bahahahah what a dummy.

I mean

Too bad


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