Change my mind

Clarissa is better than GM… change my mind.
Marginally higher stats across the board Similar special, but, her elemental is way better.

Here’s a link with data for reference. You may want to carry this discussion on over there.


Now I run with C.Magni, Jean-Francois, Telluria, Clarissa and C.Joon in my raid defence.
But just maxed C.Domitia … should I swap out Clarissa for Domitia? What do you think?.
All have 7 and 8 Emblems …

As it was already said in that thread, they are quite similar and differ only for a bit attack/support oriented features.

The real “problem” of Clarissa is her class, which is overall useful for her job but clearly in competition with Telluria, and we all know that Telluria these days is a must have as an emblemed hero.

So all the people that have Telluria automatically put aside Clarissa and rather prefer Gravemaker, even more because Seshat, Jabber or Ursena can fit and complete your defence same good as Clarissa.

If Telluria was not so good, we could see a lot more emblemed Clarissa.
She is an excelent hero.


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