Change Miki's special. Too powerful on titans

:rofl::rofl::rofl: i did wonder why no related searches were coming up when i posted this thread

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Not just old, it already exists:

What you are asking is just like the ridiculous thread saying nerf Afrike because she is too good in the VF format wars/tourneys. So what if Miki is the best Titan attack booster? That’s his specialty and why people summoned to get him! Is it ridiculous that Afrike dominates the current tourney when yellow isn’t even banned? Yes, but it’s more ridiculous to ask for a nerf because of that.

PS @Homaclese is right: Miki is a god in this current VF tourney too (just not quite on Afrike level).


On defense not, but to be honest on offense he is even better in my mind. :see_no_evil:
I use both this tournament in the same team. And silence for 3 for 5 rounds and immunity against all Alfrikes in the defense is actually better than Alfrikes 5 random hits.

Both are great on defense Alfrike is better there because she also does damage but if I could take only 1 of them on offense I would take miki. You can always do damage with stones there.
Especially the immunity against Mindless Attack is probably the absolute best about him. 6 blue stones and he shuts down the defense and nothing can stop him.

So I don’t really understand the last buff he got. But I wouldn’t say he needs a nerf. Yes OP for rush, but that doesn’t really justify anything. Yes the best against titans, but someone has to be the best. If miki now gets nerfed, there would be threads tomorrow that tarlak is to strong and unfair for all the poor wu users.

Miki is fine as is. I do not have him. I do agree with introducing one or two other similar-type heroes.


Miki isn’t even as impactful as alfrike. your alliance may improve your titan star level and loot, and at top Titans you get same mat rolls. Alfrike in rush will cause war/tournament losses and much more impactfulness on loot tiers and/or gems to continue on tournament.

Translation “I don’t have Miki and I don’t want other people to get higher mythic titan scores than me. Waaaahhh”

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Na minha humilde opinião não deveria mudar o Mike para os titãs e sim melhorar a porcentagem de acertos do eu Kong e ranvi com teto de 170% de ataque sem erro ou no mínimo durante acerto no ponto fraco não errar isso seria um equilíbrio no jogo hoje são divididos os poderosos com Mike e os flagelados com que Kong #melhoriaparanossowu Kongja.

No miki here also but full agreement … Nerf miki. Then make it where u can only bring 2 items on titans then just for kicks nerf the green rat ( not spelling out his whole name ) ohhh and nerf any hero i don’t have. Smh

Please note the sarcasm in this response…

The op wanted a reaction … Here’s mine… The forums have enough drama and venom about nerfs. I’m running out of beer… Stop the insanity !!!

Happy gaming


Whisky works too :+1:

Hoping you still have lots of popcorn.

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Totally agree with this one, why does it seem like, titan attack ups are done with while other type of hero’s come up anew every other Sunday?
Make newer Mikis as HOTM pls.

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