Change Miki's special. Too powerful on titans

I know… i know… uproar to ensue. Whilst in many ways Miki isn’t overpowered. What is however overpowered is his special ability. He’s a powerhouse for nearly every titan type.
It’s a massive massive advantage his special skill the damage increase, the silence.

Flame me if you need, but you know i’m right. In your own alliances its so pbvious who does and doesn’t have him.

My idea therefore is balance his skill to make for a more fair and balanced game. Especially now mythics are around.

When you want to nerf him against titans, what buffs do you suggest to compensate it? Or your idea is to make him useless in all ways? :smile:


Neefing heroes is not good business and not liked by players (especially those owning Miki).

Creating alternative new heroes who buff attack like Miki would be smarter and more profitable.


Nerf a 2 year old hero who is really only useful on titans because it is useful on titans… what?

That would completely impact the game… not just directly to scores of people who own Miki, but entire alliances who’d suddenly find themselves struggling killing titans they would otherwise take down timely. As a consequence - direct impact to rewards which are poor anyways… I don’t think you realize the magnitude of the hellfire it would create in the community. And it’s totally unnecessary.

Only thing I do agree on is we could use alternatives to titan specialist as Miki is now hard to get.


Didn’t expect anything less, all miki owners quick, jump to the defence. Don’t nerf our beloved overpowered hero. Its not even marginal, its a massive advantage and you know it

Yes sure lets bring out even more bloody heros like that’s what this game needs :rofl::rofl:

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I think he didn’t need his last buff, but I’m not in favour of nerfing Miki.


I don’t think a nerf is in order, but this is not right… he is the most useful hero vs 4 of the 5 titans (5 if you have Norns) and same for the mythic titans. He is one of the most useful heroes in events and PVE. He is close to Alfrike level OP in VF tournies. And paired with a mana booster like Grimble he can be super useful in normal raids/wars. The last 2 can almost be said for most slow heroes, but his 5 turn silence puts him a cut above most of the rest.

Yes. Bring on quasi Miki Sergei

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Miki is powerful, I don’t have him, but can still get top 1% on mythics and once you get to the 14 Titans rare mat rolls are all the same from C to A+ so it really isn’t an issue… Despite him being the king of titan hunters you can still get to the same loot chances as the people with him. If there was a difference in loot chances due to Miki alone, then yeah maybe something should be done but right now it’s fine.

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This game is about making the most of the heroes you have since it is almost impossible to get every hero without going broke. Miki gives an undeniable advantage vs titans and mythic titans, but there are many other heroes that are OP in the right situation. The challenge is putting the right combos together to take advantage…

I don’t have Miki and I don’t think that he need to/should be nerfed


0 votes here. Does it mean that all the people in this forum are Miki owners? :thinking: :smile:

I have a better option: make mikki available in TC 20.

I’m a mikki owner and I find it very unfair that people who started the game after its released cannot have realistic and affordable chance to get him while he is a must have for titans, mythic titans and challenge events/ towers.

In fact I think tavern portal should be dropped and all hotm released should be available in TC 20 after 2 years. That would be f2p friendly and won’t change anything for the balance of game since a 1 year old hero is already outdated after a year…


First I agree with @Homaclese that Miki is not just a titan hunter but a total powerhouse - and if you have him and don’t realize it… mmmh.

Secondly I agree with @Artamiss on the hero obsolescence issue.
New heroes are the most powerful, two years old heroes in the TC

  1. are obsolete enough not to bother new acquisitions
  2. have offered a two years advantage to the early birds which is more than enough
  3. would give many players access to skills that don’t exist in S1 (eventually S2, S3 and so on)

And now the consideration that could actually make SG HQs think about this seriously: those sitting on two years old heroes would be more motivated to spend if more people/everybody starts catching on them.

I can’t believe we’re really discussing this! Nerfing a hero who only benefits everyone (Everyone! Even your alli mates without a Miki!) against titans! Why!?
No, I don’t have a Miki.


So you use as evidence that you can tell who in your alliance has Miki and who doesn’t have him because they get better Titan scores than you? So your goal is to neuter the players in your alliance who are getting better Titan scores than you because it makes you feel bad and you feel it isn’t fair? Glad your not in my alliance! :partying_face:


Expected no less, so much for an equal balanced game :partying_face: :+1:

I really think that post like this are create for traffic only. He (the OP) does recognize that it will create reaction. I get really annoyed by this useless nerfing posts. I do not have Miki and yes I wish I can have it but why ruin it for those that have them. Why you do just learn to play with what you have or throw thousand of dollar on summons to try to get it if you think is that game changing?

No offence but it does gets really old this kind of posts :face_vomiting: :mask: :yawning_face:


Gil my point is about balance, if you hit the same loot ascension mat rolls as someone with Miki and you do not have him, how is he breaking the balance? The only place he maybe breaks the balance is in the top alliance ranking for mythics and you need more than just Miki for those top slots.

We have someone fighting for titan rights? Now I’ve seen everything in this forum!


SG needs to do another HOTM that is a titan specialist. This however will never happen since Miki, Tarlak, Gazelle are all behind a paywall right now. SG really isn’t thinking about how to make it fun for the community, but only how they can entice pulls. I’ve gone C2P as it has been quite ridiculous lately, and now with the power creep my S3 strong roster will be underpowered in short order

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