Change Loot Tickets into Time Tickets

I regard loot tickets as a very minor convenience, but I do not think they are worth purchasing and I do not look forward to getting them. Most of my alliance feels the same. However, I thought of a way that they would be more useful.


I was up at 1AM and I needed to go to bed. I had 37/40 on my hero chest and 26 minutes before my next raid. It was not worth it wasting a raid chest, but if I could raid now instead of the next morning I could gain an extra 8 hours of chest regeneration. These fractions of time come up frequently, and this is where a time ticket could be useful.

I propose that we change loot tickets into time tickets. They could still be used as they are now, to let one skip already played levels, and that does save time. However, one ticket would remove 10 minutes of wait time, on world energy, raid energy, or even titan energy. It could also remove 10 minutes of waiting from buildings, training camps, etc. instead of buying the entire wait time with gems.

Examples of using time tickets:
–If you are going to bed, it will allow that last raid or titan attack
–If you are going to work and you have 19 world energy, use one ticket and finish the last stage of the Rare Quest
–People whose titan attacks are 5 minutes after the finish could move their last attack until 15 minutes before it ends with two tickets
–One could use tickets to sync training camps without emptying one completely

I would buy a pack containing time tickets!

That’s a seriously good idea. I’ve been thinking of something addressing the same dilemma - some way to get those last missing monsters or heroes to fill a chest - but your idea is really much better. It would address multiple inconveniences.

That’s a great idea, Gene!! I think it’ll have a better usage than what we have now!

Let me tell you the utility of loot tickets.

You know when you’re close to level up, how you balance the amount of XP you get from each stage not to avoid flags?

So, when you use loot tickets, you don’t have to worry about that. I generally work my way up to as close to level up as possible (yesterday, I managed to get to 30 XP to next level) and then let the world flags to recharge according to the number of ticket I have. Then, I go to the best stage (XP/energy) possible, and use the loot tickets. This way, you can receive all XP and loot at once, avoiding the waste of flags.

Sure, it’s nice not to waste flags, but I would say that’s a very minor utilization. Maybe even not a feature, but an unforseen consequence of how the ticket mechanics works :wink:

The actual gain - today - in relation to implementing a totally new feature and mechanics the game (= tickets), is really underwhelming. Epigenetics suggestion actually address the issues loot tickets were an answer to (but really isn’t) - and then some.

Edit: Well, maybe loot tickets was only meant to meet the auto-farm want, but that only makes them more sad. Epigenetics suggestion doesn’t cut farming time, but ■■■■ farm time if tickets would actually be useful when most needed - when going to bed/work/whatever! :smiley:


Great idea and really hope that they look into it and get your feedback on it, great addition should be implemented imediatly!!

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