Change iPad Hero Roster View to 5 Heroes Per Row Instead of 6

I have a rather strange request/suggestion. I trade back and forth from my iPhone to my iPad while playing the game. No problems with the iPhone, but when I play on my iPad the heroes organization drives me crazy. Each team is made up of 5 heroes and you can sort them in a variety of ways. They re lined up neatly 5 in a row for easy viewing and observing. However, on the iPad they fill the space, which results in 6 heroes in a row. Obviously this is not a big deal but if it’s possible to put in a carriage return after 5 heroes it sure would make viewing and selecting teams so much easier. Just thought I’d ask! BTW as frustrated as I sometimes get with this game - I absolutely love it (wishing ascension materials were a bit easier to get. :laughing:).

May I echo this suggestion. I too play on an iPad and it does make things a tad difficult. I play War games and had to spend 50 gems to buy a sixth team roster, which annoyed me because the Devs designed war games with six teams but only have five as standard. And then when you want a seventh team, they make you spend 200 gems per roster team. Us organised nerds feel a tad put upon by this expense especially us ftp players.

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