Change in Titan loot rolls?

Just a quick question, i just moved to a more powerfull aliance to hit some stronger titans and hopefully get more ascention materials but after killing the first 7* and getting an A ranking i got loot tier 9 but it only had 2 ascention rolls ( battle manual + sharpening stone). Has this changed due to the new titans?

There have been loot changes made to discourage alliance hopping to kill titans. You may have gotten caught in the cooldown period between killing titans in multiple alliances when loot is nerfed. If so, then the next titan results should be as per normal as long as you stay in your new alliance.


Thanks for the reply i will have to check on this titan. Not complaining brcauae it gave me a troop token and i got Cyprian + Alasie so Im happy :smile:


Congrats! Alasie is one of the really good ones to get.

I’ve also had some Tier IX loot that appeared to only give 2 ascension mat drops. Like a dummy I didn’t get screen caps to make absolutely certain the mats weren’t doubled up though. It can be easy to overlook the x2.

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Maybe i got 2 stones who knows, i will keep an eye out for it

You either received 2 Battle Manuals or 2 sharpening stones. I’ve done many a double take in the past wondering why I received only 2 items to find the x2 under one of them.