Change in Summons Algorithms

Has anyone else noticed that a couple days or so before they recalibrated heroes, there was a noticeable change in summons logic? I don’t recall there ever being transparent communication about these changes, but my entire alliance is experiencing and stating the same…we rarely summon any notable heroes (legendary, featured) anymore. For the past 2 events definitively, May Valhalla & May Taverns, 25+ of us didn’t get the featured hero and a small percentage summoned a legendary of note. I know I personally dropped a pretty penny during Taverns. Most of us are pay to play who regularly do 10/30 pulls, so it just seems peculiar to me. Merely curious if others are experiencing the same.

No, disagree. You’re just having a bad run

Last month I did about 30 pulls and got three Clarissa bonuses

Today my first saved Atlantis Coins pull grabbed Raffaele

It makes no sense for me to pull so many HOTM in that many pulls, and that just reinforces the absurd randomness on which this game is based. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s great. But it’s definitely random


Thanks for the feedback. Just got a little concerned once the majority of my alliance piped up with (similar or identical) essentially the content of my post, so wanted to obtain more data and info outside of our little fam. Appreciate it!

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I was thinking you might find it a brag, but that wasn’t what I was trying to do

One of my alliance mates recently pulled Norns and Clarissa in one pull, then proceeded to get two more Clarissa on next two single pulls. Stupidly good. But most HOTM you’d never want more than two…

It really is random, with all the wild stupid variations that implies, and with a whole lot of sucky pulls as well


No worries, I knew it wasn’t, rather conveying data points to your odds & results in previous summons. All good here! :slight_smile:

Yes it is so strange! I got extra concerned when one of my teammates did three 30 pulls during Taverns and only got Alby.


Oddly enough, after I made this post, a fellow alliance fam member got Poseidon & Ariel in a 10-pull, which only speaks to your point further. Crazy!

The problem is that you rewarded SG for poor behavior by investing in the worst portal they have ever created.

The summons logic in the background may have changed, but you can’t look at the odds in the Tavern of Legends and feel any kind of hope.

I posted frequently and vociferously, as did many others (some of my beta-friends as well). The Tavern of Legends is truly the Tavern of Dawa.

For every person on here that exults over getting a former, desired HOTM on a single draw, there are people like you and your alliance mates that get nothing at all.

Take it as a lesson that SG is teaching you: do not spend in Tavern of Legends until they increase the odds to (at least) 5%.

They won’t.

But please please please save your money.


Oh yes I think my team learned that. But it was across all events for a while there, across the majority of my alliance members which was the genesis of my concern and why I took it to the community as a whole to get outsider perspective and feedback.

Thanks for yours - appreciate it! I agree. Their current approach, while I’m sure is profitable and generates additional revenue, engenders dissatisfaction amongst players, severely affecting customer satisfaction and experience.

Be aware that generating a base level of frustration, as odd as it sounds, is central to the business model. Frustrated people make poorer choices in terms of impulse control which is precisely what they want

They operate on a level of tension that hovers you somewhere between frustration and satisfaction with a small sprinkling of hope to keep you going. This is the Ugly Truth


I have 2 Tellurias… just sad i don’t have 6 for each of my wat teams lol

You’re right. Though I still find it peculiar how after I made this post to our summoning odds all went up.

Don’t read anything into it. it’s just more randomness

Humans are successful as a species because (amongst other things like language and tools) we developed a mind that deciphered patterns, and cause and effect, from the signals the world threw at us. The curse that brings with it is that we see patterns everywhere even when they don’t exist

A great book to read on that subject (the misinterpretations we make psychologically as humans) is “You are not so smart”. It helps you discern when you might be making the wrong call in response to a stimulus

Of course, it hasn’t helped me actually break free from this game, it is cunningly crafted to trap even the cleverest nerd

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Oooh I’ll have to buy and read that book! Thank you!!

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