Change in skipping chests

Nevermind i figured out what was happening. This is what happens when I can’t get sleep for two weeks >_<.

Hey everyone. I don’t know if this is a bug or if it’s an intentional change:

I used to be able to skip two chests when i woke up, and sometimes after i skipped them, the wait before my next available skip was less than 7.5 hours (3-5, usually). Now when i wake up i can skip exactly one chest until i get a 7.5 hour wait time. I also used to be able to “save up” time; for example if I’m working and can’t skip the chest exactly when the timer runs down, the timer for the next chest skip would run down.

This allowed me to skip one chest and only have to wait a few hours before my next skip. Since the latest update the timer for the next chest doesn’t start to run down until I’ve used the current available skip. This has slowed me down considerably and is frustrating because when I’m sleeping or hanging out with someone I’m missing out on extra chests.

Is this a bug I should report or an intentional game change?

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