Change in schedule to rare quests...?

This is the third week in a row that rare quests have spawned same day and same time.

Are rare quests happening on a weekly rotation now instead of the 8-12 days?

Is this one of the levers that SG is using to increase the flow of ascension items to everyone?

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Shouldn’t we be happy instead that the rare quests (Frostmarch, Shiloh, Umber, Morlovia, Shrikewood and Farholme Pass) is available every week? Mum the word…


Unless you are on holiday and have no wifi access

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Huh? Holiday from E&P? Sacrilegious! :grin:

Tho honestly I think we all need a holiday from this game now and then heh


Perhaps I have been dreaming this but…

For the past few weeks, with the new monthly calendar, I believe we have been getting a rare quest every Monday - yes, one every seven days instead of 9 to 13 days between them

If that is what is happening I am surprised there hasn’t been more trumpeting about it! I hope I am right, as that would go a long way to increase material drop rates which area painful part of the game

I think there would be others who track these things more religiously than myself, so please, am I right about this in your view?


Ah yes. Search is your friend

Sorry @Guvnor

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Anyone recall when they were falling in this new schedule? Pretty sure it was Monday evening but can’t recall the time, and welp it’s Monday 9pm here… I’ll seriously cry if they’ve gone back to the old random schedule…:worried:

#RareQuestMondays is probably my favorite new update, another 1 or 2 sets of 3/4* mats per month will go a long way for me and my alliance.

And I realllllly hope this is a for-real change and not just an RNG streak.

When I was searching for more information, and not really finding any, I did find the original request for such a schedule and wanted to make sure @PeachyKeen got due credit.

You did it, bud :+1:
It took 14 months, but you did it.
Seems like there oughtta be an avatar or something for having a player suggestion used in the game - I propose “Choose Any Hero And We’ll Make You An Avatar” ( :wink: :crossed_fingers:)


So this still hasn’t been confirmed by any of the SGG staff, right? Could still just be a lucky streak of RNG in the favour of the playerbase?

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I’m afraid to ask. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Don’t ask, just enjoy as long as it lasts :rofl:


Yep, there’s no point in talking to SGG, because they won’t talk to you.

If something’s changed, it’s intentional and just being used to collect spending and engagement data.

Plus if they realise it’s something that has made us HAPPY for a change, they will alter it back.
So lets be shhhh on the matter and just enjoy.

Don’t make a big fuss of how much we like it, we totally need to down play it.

Yeah SGG it’s ok, I suppose



You’re right, I’m best deleting my earlier post! Let’s enjoy and hope we get another mat this Monday.


Looks like this streak is over.


Sadly yes. They couldn’t just give us ONE “little” thing, could they, I mean, wow.


Inb4 SGG announcement: “Hi all! We’ve decided to cancel rare quests due to scheduling issues. Furthermore we have removed all unfarmable ascension items from all chest loot tables as we know you dislike the RNG aspect, and will be making them available through non-RNG gem shop purchases (they will remain in the Alchemy Lab for now.) We believe you’ll love this change! Good luck in your battles!”


Yeah, it seems every week except costume week, so three per month or thereabouts as previous, just different spacing. Damn

Well if anyone asks - it wasn’t me who jinxed it.


“As a thank you for bearing with us, here’s a world energy flask, 5 common herbs, and 1 string.”

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