Change in Recent Activity Length

Anyone know why they cut the recent activity data down to 2 days? It was around 4-5 days of data. I use it to track rewards and now I lost data because I last updated my spreadsheet 4 days ago.

Could it be that it is a number of entries rather than a timeframe? I have 5 days of activity in mine, but perhaps you’ve been more active over last few days which has cleared some older entries? I am not that active at the moment


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in that case mine will just be 1hr long lol

No, have actually been less active, feed just stops after 2 days for me. I tried closing and re-opening the app with no change. I am using Android. I will try putting in a support ticket if others are still seeing 5 days of data. Thanks!

I still see 5, if that helps. And I just looked and I have done a lot of stuff/activity, there is a lot of scrolling for me to get to the bottom.

Same here, still 5 days:

I don’t want to be insulting (but it is a skill I possess :grin:) - did you press the more button multiple times?

More button disappeared after 4 presses, which only took me to 2 days of activity.

I have 5 days in mine and pressed the More button 9 times

I usually use the activity function only to check if i have some doubt i didn’t receive a reward.
Why you guys check activities 2 to 5 days prior?

Seriously, i’m intrigued.

Some players may have been tracking for statistical purpose the loot obtained from chests.

@Noca FWIW, I use an android phone and I still can check my recent activity highlights up to the past 5 days.

I track my rewards from Titans, mystic vision, etc. I speed up the timers on chests and I want to see if the loot is worth it, compared to other sources of loot. I go into recent activity every 3 or 4 days and record my rewards.

Must have been a glitch in my data. I am now up to 4 days of data. Hopefully after today I will be back to 5 days worth of data.