Change in level loot drops?

This morning, since we finally moved out of AR and the weekend, most of us have went back to doing regular farming.

Whilst farming this morning, among our family of Alliances we had around half a dozen people pop into our game discussion chat to ask the same question oddly:

“Has 5-8 backpack drop been nerfed?”

Now, obviously we haven’t put in enough data to really see the drop rate, but it was so much significantly lower for a group of people that we ALL mentioned it within a 5 minute period.

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed any shifts in loot drop this morning?

I know in other games I’ve played, things like this would shift every couple of months and we’d have to spend one day grinding out to see where the shift was. Not saying that HAS happened here, just asking if there have been any strange patterns noticed in spots where loot is typically fairly consistent.

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Been farming 6-8 all day and have not noticed any changes in drops personally


I have been getting less back packs then normal. Currently upgrading one TC. I leave the other 3 on Tc11 one running constantly and the other two I usally run for 2days collect backpacks swords use up what ever it got switch back. The last two days I got 14 backpacks I usally farm 6-8 8-7 15-4 I fill two monster chests a day with out skipping and what ever I can fit inbetween I have 29we and easy do 3 full runs so 90we a day. So 7 a day I normally have way more than that!?

I’ve been farming 5-6 and s2 1-2 to keep them up. Usually 5-8 produces the best per flag, but my results have been horrible.

Backpack drops have been pretty sporadic for me in the past several months.

For a while, I was accustomed to averaging between 1-3 backpacks from each season 1 province 5 level. Then, all of a sudden I wasn’t getting any backpacks at all. Then I started getting them again. Then not getting them again. :man_shrugging:

Atlantis Rises seems to be the best source of backpacks per flag, but now that they’ve reduced it to 2.5 days a month… meh. Goodbye packs, I guess.

Currently I’ve put my TC2 training on hold while I feed all recruits to one TC11 and two TC20s, so I’m just hoarding backpacks in the meantime.

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Thankfully during AR I was to bank 27 days of training (goal was 30, but losing the day cut me short). I’d like to stock up during AR and just supplement each month until AR arrives again.

Thankfully s2 1 has been less sporadic than s1 5

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Normally I use backpacks as fast as I can collect them. Atlantis is an excellent source, but not helpful outside of AR when I’m trying to fill a monster chest in “one go” so to speak (without waiting for flags to recharge or using WE flasks).

Just did a full run of 6:8 and 8:7 5 runs on each I got 5 backpacks my recruits was the same around 86.

Just ran through all my WE (45).

Did 7 runs of s2 1-2, and 1 run s1 5-6. 7 backpacks. Yesterday in the same scenario I had double that. So sporadic.

I was just thinking this myself the last few days. 38 WE had only been producing between 6-8 backpacks as opposed to the usual 12+. Could just be a one off thing as this tends to happen in this game.

Kits/ backpacks

Just ran 2.1-8H today and was getting 4-5 kits/ backpacks per run.

But yesterday I was getting zero per run.

Probably just RNG.

I am guessing that the game’s RNG is pretty good and comes very close to truly random.

In that case, it not only can do that, but it WILL do that. Some times to some people. Bursts that vary widely from average behavior are exactly what you should expect. And you should also expect that over a longer period of time things will drift back toward the average again.


Did 2 runs today 30 we 6:8 4, 8:7 4 14:5 2
Got 6 backpacks in total

Yesterday was the same 12 backpacks in 2 days even Lower than before I had 14 previous!