Change how “OK” button works on tc collection screens

There is no way to collect only 1 hero from a tc or any other building.

The “OK” button automatically pulls an additional hero. This continues until you’re roster is full or there are no more heroes left.

The “Claim All” button the exact same thing.

I suggest the “OK” button pulls a single hero only.

Well can’t please everyone


Claim all is fine, just don’t have OK essentially doing the exact same thing.

I don’t understand why you want to collect one.
I could see a situation with a tc13 or tc20 when you have multiple stocks and only maybe want to get one out at a time.

Some players store hundreds of feeders in tc11 since it’s so cheap.

Yeah im one of them.
Why do only want to collect one explain that to me.

I want 1 or 2 feeders to level a hero with 10 feeders to try increasing the Special Skill, without flooding my roster with any number of additional feeders.

The odds of pulling the same colour hero one at at a time I can imagine is pretty high.

Pretty sure your just being awkward

Essentially the same style thing:

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