Change Google account for VIP purchase

I login to the game with one Google account but when I try and purchase in game it points to another Google account on my device. How can I change the account used for purchase as I have balance on the account I login with but not the one the game seems to default to?.

if you’ve got two accounts linked to your phone it tries to use the last one you added, so just remove the one you want to use and add it back again, should be ok like that

Cheers. Now sorted…

I’ve been having this issue recently. I don’t remember when it started, but… why doesn’t it choose the account connected to the game?
Other games on my device bring up a different Google account, so it’s apparently specific to this game and the code/plugin they use.

So anytime I add a Google account, I’ll have to remove & re-add the previous Google account; or if I get a new phone, I’ll have to be sure to add the Google account I want to use, last?

Seems illogical to me.

Please consider changing the way the Google payment method is done so it uses the Google account attached to the account, or have it prompt us which account to use, if possible.

Actually, I just removed the account I want it to bring up, and re-added it.
It still brings up the wrong account :unamused:

The last time this happened, I removed the account that was popping up, and it then brought up the correct one.

I have 5 Google accounts on my phone (3 I have created over the years) + a work email + my wife’s, if you’re wondering…

Pay from wife’s account. Then blame on work colleagues :))
Just kidding.
I kindof have the same thing.
In account payment options I added no credit card, no paypal, nothing. Each time I need to pay something I just enter the card manually and I don’t save it, no matter what account is coming up. The purchased goods will be added to the current logged in app.

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