Change for Epic hero summon system

Hi E&P folks, I would like to share my idea for epic hero summon system.

I’ve spent over $2k and got only 1 5* and 1 hotm. I dont really want to talk about this nightmare but I think spending for “chances of pulling 5*” is no difference than gambling. Besides gems are so expensive to buy the chances!

I don’t know if you have played ○○○, it is also a mobile card game. That game is also including packs of cards that need to be purchased with gems like E&P. Only difference featured in that game is it shows capacity of each cards. Each one of the cards have fixed amounts to be drawn by players. So more you draw shitty cards, it increase chances for better cards. Besides if you pull good one or the one you wanted, you can reset the capacity. This system guarentee that you will eventually get a card that you want.

That game also gives out free gems often and have so many routes to obtain them such as daily log in.!

(Update) I had to delete the image and the name of the game I was talking about in this post

It would be cool to chase a single card and improve slightly your chance everytime.
I don’t generally dislike this idea but:

  • i guess is better you take out reference of others games (it can be considered spam)

  • how many cards has that game to use that system? Because i have the feeling that they work on totally different numbers

Thousands really, i dont play the game but have seen the animated series. I personally like the idea of more daily logins. I think TC20 on its best days is a 5% pull for 5*

You know if they make it easier for you to get a 5*, that makes it easier for everyone to get 5* and the value of those heros kinda tanks right? E&P would end up having to come up with another * rating higher than 5* and make it harder to get in order to balance out the easier obtainable 5*. I don’t likw that people are spending this kind of dough on a video game, and yes you’re right it is like gambling which is why certain countries are already rumored to be in legislature talks that will make games such as this considered gambling, they’ll have age requirements or ban it completely. But if you spend wisely, you can get very usable heros. Dont buy gems from the gem store, be patient wait for deals and special offers. Do elemental pulls instead of epic or event pulls, at least until u have 1 5* of each color then event pulls don’t become as much of a gamble since you already have a solid team to work with. Participate in google surveys for android and apple to accumulate free google play you can use for gems instead of hard earned cash. Take advantage of every gem opportunity. Level ups, mystic vision, chests, gem quests, titans, and wars all reward gems(not everytime for some of these but usually). Also get the $5 vip pack. That guarantees you 1 elemental summon every 10 days, if you can be more patient and do single pulls on the elements you need instead of droppin wads of cash tryin to get a quick gain you’ll see much less frustration when you dont get that 5* plus it gives you more time to acquire ascension mats to max those 5* when you do get them and more time to work on your 4* as well(a maxed 4* is better than a partial 5*). Hope all this helps you in the future. Good luck!

I agree the RNG system of Empires & Puzzles is very much akin to gambling and they need to change things to make purchases a little more transparent.

I spent $130 and only got 3stars and two 4 stars. That is just simply not fair to the players. If you drop 100 bucks on a game you should get at least 1 guaranteed 5 star.

I really like the idea the Original poster talked about where the more you spend the greater your chance of getting a 5 star becomes to the point where you eventually build up enough “fail stacks” to get a guaranteed 5 Star hero.

Let’s admit that gems are way too expensive and the odds for 5* is very low.

It is actually getting ridiculous how people started to think $800-$1000 for 5-6 5* heroes is considered as a good pull