Change email for game?

Does anybody know how to change my email address on the game? Not going to be using current email. Want to change it. How is that done?

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Any answer to this question? I wanna ask the same thing also… @Rook

Try this:

  1. click your avatar (upper right)
  2. click gear symbol (same)
  3. scroll down to email and click the pencil symbol (right) to edit

Please let me know if you get stuck. :slight_smile:

Not forum email @Rook but game email

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Hmm, I’ll ask. :slight_smile:

Following. I’d like to know also

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There is no avatar in upper right corner. That is the plus sign to take you to purchase gems. The avatar takes you to player profile, there is a gear sign, but it takes you to achivements. No email. So I am confused. That does not work and I am running out of time. I have asked this over 5 months ago. I need to change emails before school is out for the summer.

On my Forum account, I can click:

Avatar > Gear > (Scroll down) Click on pencil next to Email.



I asked if it worked for you, as sometimes I have access to screens that aren’t normal. All moot though, since the question was about game e-mail.

I’m waiting to hear back on that so I don’t tell you wrong. :slight_smile:

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Okay, I checked with SG, and if the purpose of the email change is to change the email associated with either Game Center (Apple) or Google Play (Android), the answer is you must go through either Apple or Android to change that email. SG does not touch that email at all and has no connection with it.

I’m sorry I don’t have an easy answer for you. :confused:


Thx rook, understood

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@Sirfightsalot Please don’t post duplicate posts; they will be deleted. I will leave your main one up. :slight_smile:

To contact SG regarding bugs or game errors, please file a ticket here:

About changing the email in the game, the first question that needs to be asked here is how are you logging in.

If like most you log in using your phone’s ID like for example your Google account for androids then your email address would need to be changed with Google within your Google account.

I don’t remember there being an option to register any other way other than using your phone’s account, in which case all settings to change anything are within your phone’s account.

This is another reason you can have multiple accounts on the same device unless you also have multiple Google accounts as well.

As iPhones I am not sure how it works.

Hope that helps.

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