Change color style of Search Results?


Can the descending color style of [search results] be changed so that as you scroll down to older [threads], it’s still possible to read the titles?

Right now it’s very hard to read at the bottom. Please compare:

Towards the top of a [search]:

As you scroll down:

Edit: Pics taken from 2 separate [searchs], but they are all like these if you scroll down long enoughs


That is weird. I had no idea what you were talking about if you hadn’t included the pictures.
On ipad it just looks like this (no matter how long a topic is):

strong text


It would help if I properly defined my terms! :smile:

On SEARCH results! Heh. edits first post


Ok, I indeed totally misunderstood.
On ipad it is not readable either:


Ugh! Yeah I was searching for some threads earlier today and couldn’t find anything after the first few.

Leia voice: “Help me SG, you’re my only hope!”



It’s not quite fixed. On a long search, at about the 35th item, it’s still hard to see:

Improved though! Thanks!


Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into this and tinker our forum theme. :blush: