Change Challenge Event winners to % instead of hard numbers

I would like to propose a new system to give rewards to players.
There is too much competition between players :no_mouth: and I would like to propose a percentage based system instead of the final position.
For example: the 1% of best players receive the best rewards.


players are becoming more and more, and the strength of the characters also increases. Therefore, getting into the top 100 new players is more difficult. Yes, and experienced, too, in view of the increasing competition. I propose to replace the top X players with events by the top Y% of the event participants. for example, instead of top1000 - top5% (according to your calculations). excluding top1. The best is always the same.

The positive news is the weekly raids are using this % based scoring (but the loot is subject to rolls) so maybe there is hope after all we see something in events at some point.

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I really think this needs a rework. The rewards can stay the same but with the amount of players in this game now maybe some adjustments need to be made. I think the same levels but #1 turns into top 1%. Then all the next 5 categories are 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, and token goes to all that can not make the top 5%. This will result in a uptake of people spending and using resources. With the amount of players in the game the current setup is a little ridiculous. I think this would be a great rework that would also give some chance for new players.

Nice idea, but why stop at 5%???This should be rated just like the raid tournament.

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Well there are currently only 5 levels of rewards in the monthly events not counting completion and everything lower than the top five categories.

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