Change challenge event reward tiers

I think we all agree that in most events we see the same players in the leaderboard. This is not a problem at all, but I think it is not normal that only 1600 players get 4 star ascension material. Of the 1.5 million+ that are playing (according to tournament numbers). And since the “whales” can compete in more than one category, it is less than 0.1% of the players who can get an ascension material from these events.
Especially crazy in Legendary, where you have to be in the top100. You have to be on the leaderboard, you have to be in the top 0.01% (and 0.01% is still more than 100 players) to get 1 ascension material, while using a lot of flasks and items.

My opinion is that in Rare, it should be at least the top 2000 (or 2500), in Epic top 1000 (or 1500) and in Legendary top 500 who gets the 4 star material. It is still 3500-4500 players, which is 0.2-0.3% (still very low), but a bit of an improvement.

I get it that a 4star ascension material is a rare and hard to get item but since nearly nothing drops them (in the last 3 months 0 from the last 7 or 8 rare titan, with 10-11* and A or A+ rank, 0 from color chests, 0 from war chests, 0 from titans at all) and purchasing them is also a rare oppurtunity (and as C2P sometimes I do not buy), it would be better to have more chance.
Otherwise we wont pull for shiny new heroes, since we will have a horde waiting for materials and Y get an other one in the waiting list. Or maybe we still will, but we would do more pulls if we knew that it is a little easier to get the mats needed.

Also, this thread is kinda coming from frustration, since I wanted to compete in Epic this time mainly because I missed the last Frostmarch and the telescope is the item I get the least of (8 so far compared to the 15 tonics in 11 month). I know that I did not prepare well (not enough item, not enough iron and crafting material to make items and only 30ish flasks) but I still managed to be lucky sometimes with starting boards and shielded chests (on 2 stages I got two of them) and finished 584th with 956,9k points. And I know someone who finished 378th with 966,1k points. Less than 10k difference make more than 200 places, so in average less than 50 point made a difference between each player in that Top range. Which is basically nothing, like 1 second or less in 1 map.
I know that the whole event is based on luck and how many flasks and items u have, but with this little margins around the top, it seems a little bit unfair. Maybe with lower limits, there would be a fair margin between the top (who spent a lot of item and flask to get the item) and those who just go for completion and dont care about the position or dont have the team/item/flask/time to compete.

Also, if they made the changes, I can almost guarantee that more people would buy things (like flask containing offers, or items for gems) to compete in the events for the ascension mats.

Another suggestion is that declare points instead of places. For example, over 960k points in Epic, u get this package guaranteed. So we dont have to compete with each other - thats why I gave up when from Saturday 4am to Sunday 10pm I went from 321st to 577th despite improving my personal best score with another 12k+. If points over 960k would have guaranteed that telescope, I would have tried to do it as crazy to improve my nearly 957k points to 960k. But since I did not felt like 960k would be enough to get the top500 (or if yes, others would have passed me like they did earlier) I stopped chasing it, meaning less money spent from my side.

Looking at the stats from previous events the devs could set the limits to not hand out more stuff, but maybe they will be surprised how much more we are willing to spend (money and time) if we dont have to beat others to get the things we want. And at the end of the day, all that matters for them is us spending our time and money on their game.

What’s your opinion on this?

Should they change the reward tiers?
  • Yes, lower the positions required to get 4 star items
  • Yes, make the point limits instead of the positions
  • No, it is fine as it is now

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