Change Alice's Animation to Not Block Board

Not sure if this belongs under “issues”, but it would be good if someone took a look at Alice’s Animation. Basically, during Titan hits while the animation of a 5 star special is on, you can still actually make your next match/move. Doing this throughout the fight can actually save a LOT of time with the Titan. Most of the 5 star animations flash just a little above the tile board, so you can see which move you want to make next. Alice, however, has her animation appear right in the middle of the board. So you can’t see it to try and make your next move as the animation is flashing. Can we get her animation shifted up to the spot above the board where the other 5 star animations sit?

Queen of Hearts is the same way, it is a little frustrating waiting for it to clear up enough to make another move! Smaller more transparent special graphics gets my vote.

Kage same as well , i hate when animation blocked boards

Definitely need this.

I like that idea. Just move the animation ON the titan.

Hatter’s also annoys me because it fills up the whole board when fighting titans, you just have to wait until it goes away before your next attack. Maybe it only wastes a couple seconds but it feels like forever.

Same thing with the Cheshire Cat’s animation.

this applies to a lot of the newer animations so SG should review all of them, for instance Kunchen’s does this too

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