Chances to level special for maxed Hawkmoon

i have Hawkmoon at max level and special. I have Hawkmoon’s costume at max level but not max special. Shouldn’t using a costumed Hawkmoon to level the Max leveled costumed Hawkmoon give me 100% chance of success to increase special? It would in the case of a non-costumed hero

In your screenshot is the hero, not the costume. You have 2 tabs, heroes and costumes. You are on heroes now… So, it is not a bug :slight_smile:

P.S. Press the right tab if you know you have more than a costume. Of course it appears Hawk costumed on heroes tab too. You may have 20 Hawk and only one costume and all 20 may be costumed. I hope you understood…

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It’s the same for both.

100% special up if…

  • 10 1* on color
  • 5 2* on color
  • a mix of both up to 100%
  • a dupe of Hawk for Hawk
  • a dupe of the costume for the costume
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There is a confusion between

The hero: Hawkmoon
The costume: Ascendant Chief

In the screenshot you are trying to level up the costume Ascendant Chief, and to level up that costume you are using a 3* red hero, which gives you 30% chance. The problem is that the 3* hero is Hawkmoon wearing the costume.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a Hawkmoon wearing her cosume or not to level up a costume (Ascending chief), the chance will be 30%.

If you want 100% chance you must tap on the tab COSTUMES and use a second copy of the costume Ascending chief to level up.


This would not work for a costume. You are leveling a costume and not a hero. @Moncho is correct.

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