Chances of winning are zero

This makes me very unhappy when I absolutely have a zero chance of winning. I believe that there should be parallel boards showing the moves the computer makes.

We have all been there, and today seems to be a bad one for me. Yes I know there is an ebb and flow of when the game decides it is your chance to win, but come on. What are hiding computer?

I was destroyed by Rigard three times…Wtf.

Two years I have been playing and I am starting to get frustrated. The amount of time I have put in (because you have to). Is unbelievable.

My raid scores were just as high one year ago…I don’t need examples of what I am doing wrong. This is clearly an algorithm.

And also why can’t there be live one on one raids like chess?

Season three can take a hike. The time limits are dumb.


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