Chances of not pulling a Special Hero During an Event

Hi A quick question. Is it normal not to pull an event hero during a special summons (Tales of the Grimwood). What are the odds of pulling one of these heroes? I Just did a 10 pull (after buying gems) and received nothing but 8 rare heroes I could get anytime (and already had) and a Kashrek and Melendor that I also already had. This seems a bit of swizz to me. Are the odds published anywhere.
Don’t mind the ranking but new and interesting heroes need to have some chance of getting them.

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The odds are published (press the tiny i on the summon page, top left)

Read them and weep :disappointed_relieved:

Dissapointment with pulls is part of the game :frowning:


If you click on the little i in the upper left of the summons, you will see:

Rare 71%
Epic 20.8 %
Legendary 1.5 %

Epic Event 5.7%
Legendary Event 1.0%

Bonus: HotM 1.3 %

So, yes, it’s normal to do a 10-pull and get no event heroes.


Cool thanks. for the reply.

Is that the same for all events. Maybe this was tough as there are no rare heroes all epic and above? Guess I have been lucky before!

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In the seasonal events (and Atlantis), there are special rares, and the chances for those are actually pretty good. The challenge events only have 4 and 5 star heroes.


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