Chances of getting repeats from Training camps

I got little john from an epic token after 10-11 months, feels a bit late to the party really, but I suppose I might want him for the raid tournaments. Still no melendor though, I think that’s the only vanilla 4 I’ve not seen.

It’s just a bit unlucky that my TC20 seems stuck on reds and purples for the 5s, and also on the bum side of the normal distribution for pulling 4s and 5s. I’m not too stressed about it, since I have a queue of heroes already for all colours other than blue. I have telescopes waiting for isarnia, if she decides to grace me with her presence, but not Thorne :slight_smile:

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I was wondering if anyone knows when the Really Need Goodluck (RNG) mathematical magic happens in training camps? Perhaps @Garanwyn or @Rook might be able to help?

To clarify, if there is a known answer it will not change the outcome. However, for interest sake I was curious if it is the moment you press Train?

In the theme of a recent conspiracy theory thread (different topic about rigged boards) that took me several days to read - In the 2hrs it takes to train are SG analyzing my roster and rewarding me with my 5th Bane because I thrashed the first one? [Intention sarcasm]

Or…does the roll happen when you collect?

With summons it’s clear to understand when the mathematical magic happens, much like finding a raid opponent.

Like I stated it will make little difference even if I had the answer but at least I would know when to put on my luck underpants.


I’m pretty sure the hero is specified when you collect, not when the training completes. I don’t believe I’ve tested this between production and beta (although I seem to recall someone else has).

But I have definitely fully filled a chest and then copied over to beta and collected it on both sides. The chest contents was different on both sides.

From a storage perspective, it would also be exceptionally surprising if they stored off the results of a completed (but not collected) training. It would require many bits per training server-side to pre-store the result, and people sometimes build up hundreds or thousands of trainings before collecting. It would have no benefit to pre-store either, that I can think of.

I’m 99.99% sure they just store the count of completed trainings until you collect, and roll for what you get as you collect them.

But I can completely confirm it between production and beta if you really want.


Thanks for the swift and detailed reply.

That makes sense from a game development and server storage perspective…never considered that!

I wouldn’t go to any trouble (although your offer is greatly appreciated) unless enough ppl are interested and comment on this and feel it would provide some clarity/acceptance.


What Garanwyn said. References:

Unclaimed hero 5* in Beta, 3* in live.

Pulling multiple training, from multiple clones, using the same RNG seed ( only possible in Beta )

Which is interesting from a programmer perspective because until the RNG seed changes, summoning 10x heroes from a fresh clone will always summon the same 10x heroes in Beta ( and likely the live server ). But as soon as the RNG seed changes, you get a different set of 10x heroes until the RNG changes again.

Kerridoc could summon the same Joon, from multiple clones, for twenty minutes in Beta.


I am curious, what makes you like Isarnia more than Thorne? I have both, but neither ascended to the third tier yet. I am VERY slowly picking 5*'s worthy of ascending, and would appreciate your input. My three blue 5*'s are Isarnia, Thorne, and Richard.


My ears were burning, and now I know why. Hi again Bob :slight_smile:

The simplest answer is that it was based on what I already had. I already had a solid tank, which neither thorne nor richard would replace. I didn’t have much in the way of aoe in general, and Isarnia would likely see more use than the others overall: titans, farming, raids and wars.

But the fact is that 2 months later I’ve changed my mind. I still have only one blue 5* maxed (magni) and 12 telescopes sitting gathering dust. I would max any of them today and be happy with it. Thorne is not the best, but he’s much better than unused telescopes when I’m in a red tank war :slight_smile:

Edit: also congrats on having choices, I’m jealous!

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OUCH!! @AliceCooper!!! Sorry to hear that man! Sisters you can’t kill them and you can’t kill them…although back in the day my GI Joe beheaded many a Barbie doll. They deserved it!!

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@Ian487, here’s wishing you luck!! …I feel a Kiril in the near future…or maybe it’s just gas??

If chances of getting a *5 from TC20 are around 5%…if u already have a Thorne, chances of getting another Thorne is 4% from that 5% and 1% any other *5…


It sure hurts big time but she is bigger than the game. Other than Wu and Chao who has drop by at the count of 9, never had a luck with good holy heroes ever since.
A dupe of Kadilen and Thorne just popped up from Tc20 though.


Richard with emblem is quite okay. He keep me in diamond together with a bunch of 4 *.
Atk down buff is useful against the big guys.
And quite durable too!


Hey, thanks, now Kiril is the only vanilla 4* I need. At some point in the game I got dupes for all other, just no Kiril… I really want him for the blue stack. I want to go Kiril Grimm Isarnia. I think my one shot chance against red tanks will significantly go up from my current Grimm SonyaTriton trio.


Well my espn see’s…mostly sports but also a Kiril that’s NOT a B-ball player in your future!!

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Thanks for the additional clarification @Gryphonknight.

Furthermore, although I’m only running TC 13 and you didn’t officially tag me in the linked post I will wet my lucky underpants if I pull Renfeld next!

Happy gaming :slight_smile:


It was a close call @Gryphonknight


When Rennie turns up next I’ll definitely think of you.

I have often wondered why you could only collect 1 trained hero at a time and why there was no ‘COLLECT ALL’ button and from what you have said it kind of makes sense why there isn’t one.


@Bobjohnson hope you don’t mind that I asked my question in this thread. I’m trying to follow suggest guidelines of not starting new topics but rather ask questions in current but similar threads.


I can’t vouch for how he feels. But I promise we’re appreciative :slight_smile:


No worries! I do the same thing in other threads.

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