Chances of getting repeats from Training camps

RNG streaks

The odds stay the same. But RNG is streaky. So the results often have streaks of heroes.

Until last month I had no green 5* heroes. In one day I got all Classic green 5* heroes except Lianna.

My most common green 4* hero summoned is Melendor.


I currently have 34 heroes waiting in legendary training, until collected they take up zero roster space. I only collect when leveling a hero past level 60 . I am also waiting to see what Hero Academy brings.

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If you are trying for a specific hero, RNG can cause you to wait a long time.

I have played since 2017-September and just got my first Boril, but still no Cyprian. Luckily I got Wu Kong early. But Boldtusk eluded me for a long time.