Chance vs guaranteed hero pulls

I’ve only been playing the game for a couple of weeks, but one thing that has been bothering me is the randomness of the hero pulls. I understand that Small giant can never guarantee a pull, but after spending about 2k$ on gate pulls, I’m still missing out on a lot of cool heroes, especially when I tried for the red elemental summon. Azlar was a possibility and I spent at least 25-30k diamonds trying to get him and the best I got was Marjana, Colen and Gormek, most were 3 stars.

As a paying user, I’m willing to pay even 50-60$ for one single hero that I really really want. If it’s really rare, I can put up even 200$. But at least give us that option. Because when I do 60-70 pulls and get nothing spectacular, it really makes me not want to continue spending cash.

And for those that might say it’s unfair, I’m not saying give us the fully levelled hero or anything. Hell, I’m still trying to get ascension materials and my highest heroes are like 550 power, which in the big meta game, is peanuts :slight_smile: just give us the option to get the hero we want and we can grind away at levelling him/her later :smiley:

Ps: it can be a limited time offer, something along the lines of: “Hey commander, we’ve noticed you’re still missing out on great heroes. Here is a red hero (Azlar for example) to help you on your journey. But hurry, this offer only lasts for 24 hours!”

And you can have him at a higher price since he seems pretty rare etc. :slight_smile:

There have been a great many proposals focused on being able to buy either specific heroes, or at least a guaranteed 5*. The general flaw they all suffer from is that they convert the game 100% into a Pay 2 Win game.

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Well, I’ve been played since Oct 2018 and I hate pulling out heroes thing. They rarely give a good…

if you have only been here a few weeks then according to what you have you have spent, SLOW DOWN, lot for you to learn. like waiting till events for event heroes, best chances to summon 5 stars are always gonna be during events or the atlantic summons qhich give you a chance to also pull previous heroes of the month. set you a budget stick to it. catch some gem specials and i promise you will assemble a decent roster over time.

no matter what heroes you pull you cant speed up progress on items to ascend them. learn your skills early on three and 4 star heroes so that you know which heroes tp focus on per your preferred playstyle later in game.

a good alliance will point you in the right directions and if you need help these forums are full of it.


Thanks for your input :smiley: I know I’ve had an atlantic summon, but I haven’t pulled a lot of heroes from it. I have been raiding and learning the ropes of the game, I am trying to get a decent roster of heroes from all colors, so I have a decent healer or buffer or debuffer etc etc from each color spectrum, so I can play around with solid color teams, or use a 2-3 hero prong against a certain tank etc. I am in a small alliance for now, but I plan on getting better over time :smiley:

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