Chance to select hero when summoning

Since there are more and more heroes in the game, it seems to be harder and harder to get specific heroes (prime example, the tavern of legends), so how about introducing a chance to select one?

For example, let’s say that whenever you make a pull you have an X chance to meet “traveling adventurers”* and instead of one hero popping up, you get a choice between, say, 3 of them. (You can only pick one.)

This could of course be limited to only some portals, or the chance to meet “traveling adventurers” could depend on the portal…

*Term I just made up :wink:

I adore this idea - I was just writing something similar elsewhere! I’d be so nice to be able to have a choice. :100:


Yep… But it would be implemented in only the worst portals… Like the elemental heroes portal.

I got fogg & aouda last month… There were SO MANY other s4 heroes i would have preferred… But it would also reduce the amount of pulls, so never gonna happen.

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If they did this (which they should), I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to buy a monthly subscription for the ability for this.

VIS: Very Important Summoner



Ugh, I hope not, I see it more as a remedy for all the heroes they keep adding.

If they were to monetize the ability, I hope they’d just require some spending for whatever you like in the game, like a threshold in order to become “VIS”, or bundle it into the existing VIP.

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I certainly wouldn´t be against a monthly fee, actually. Many already pay that in terms of VIP and PoV as far as I can read.

But, the biggest reason for me not to give into the existing monthly fees is, that in other games that monthly fee (often around $15ish) guarantees a lot of things at a higher level than what is the case in Empires & Puzzles. That is the sad nature of games that does not “cost” anything up front upon downloading them.

Yes, PoV and VIP guarantees things too, one might say. And it does. But it does not guarantee a hero that can take you further in your game. Only luck and spending will. And everything aside; it´s that hero we really do want, and we feel glad about getting, that keeps us around. In most cases, anyway. There is always the exception, of course.

But, more on topic;

Let´s say I summon in the ongoing S3 portal. And I end up scoring a four star summon. How nice would it not be, to, as Aryukell says, be able to make an active choice then. Even if the four stars I could choose between were all S1, that I didn´t need - just having some kind of choice would help.

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When that new, shiny hero you really wanted falls into your roster results in relief (or indifference) instead of joy, then your sunset in the game may be near. Until that happens, the euphoria of summoning a hero you hopes for is part pf the experience.

I don’t wish for that…just seems like a condition they would apply for this ability.

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Good point. The only (for now) $$$-only portal :wink:

I’m all in for a monthly fee. One and the same for all who play the game. And then let all else be RNG. Let us all grind for summons not buy them. I’d love to see how things would turn out if the paywalls went down.


Yes. I would really like such a game too. :100: