Chance to reshuffle tiles/board in AW fight?

Since that we can’t use the same heroes in each fight in AW, can we be provided with at least a chance to reshuffle the board?

Since that the enemy has their aid with attack boost, arrow barrage and heal aid for the defense side, maybe the offense side can have reshuffle board as our aid? And for using the aid to reshuffle the board, the bonus win points will be slightly reduced. Each player have 2 chances to use the aid throughout the game, one in first half and the other one in second half time, and player can only reshuffle once in each fight.

Because messed up tiles are really frustrating. If in raids, we can fight again using the same team if we lose. But in war, we can’t do that.

Reshuffling the board might not guarantee the player to win the fight but at least there’s help and chance for us to win.

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