Chance to miss applying to inoffensive special skills?

To my understanding, on the cards of heroes who blind, like Joon & Justice, where it says “chance to miss also applies to offensive special skills” , the word ‘offensive’ means attacking or damaging.

I’m noticing that when I bring Wilbur to raids and he gets blinded, his defense down ability and spirit link does miss some enemies.

Is this a bug or does the word “offensive” on the hero cards just mean any skill that effects the opposite team?

Yes, this is exactly my understanding of “offensive.” It doesn’t mean “attack” or “damaging,” it means any skill used offensively against enemies.


And this is why I hate facing Hu Tao so much.

Placing a debuff on the opposing team is definitely an attack. It’s just not a damaging attack.

But like @Zephyr1 says, I’d read that as “special skills used by the offense.” I think that’s what they’re trying to say.


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