Chance to find similiar opponent in Raids?


Why I need to spend all food to try find similiar opponent? System almost always find enemies about 30% stronger than me and forces to don’t attack anyway, cause I don’t have any chance to win.

Can you fix rerolls to have more chance to hit balanced battles?

Sorry for avg English.

The matches in Raid are determined by cups/trophies. If you are within 300 cups of your opponent, you can draw them in Raid.

The exception is in Revenges, where I believe cups goes over 300 to make the matches.

Everyone goes through a rough patch (sometimes a long, drawn out, interminable patch!) with Raid. Don’t let it bother you. Fight who you can; if you need ham, don’t reroll.

I actually ignored Raid for nearly two months once. No worries.

P.S. DONT upgrade your watchtower if you are trying to avoid Raid fights; sometimes that full ham/iron draws greedy opponents. If you don’t care about trophies, raise the Watchtower at will…it will give YOU free ham/iron every time you empty it. :slight_smile:


They want us to spend ham, aka…money. having the trophy count be the match up makes much more powerful crews stay in the lower cup count to harvest raid chests, food, iron, recruits, etc. I agree with keeping raid searches with evenly matched players.

With time you will learn to beat much stronger teams.

For me, always overloaded with ham, ham is a free, quickly renewable, easily expendable resource.

No one makes me spend money for ham:


Lol at level 41 you have alot maxed out so I’m sure ham flows like a river. Us lower levels are stealing Canadian bacon to get our ham fix

I went through the sane thoughts as you and came to tge conclusion after being told by others here that raids aren’t important and more a team learning feature for your heros.

Use that to your advantage and try out different teams against stronger opponents, this will improve your AW skills which is more important to you than raids.

don’t fight to win, fight to learn and enjoy yourself and most importantly don’t worry about cup amounts as that will increase in time on it’s own as you get better and stronger.

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