Chance to find similiar opponent in Raids?



Why I need to spend all food to try find similiar opponent? System almost always find enemies about 30% stronger than me and forces to don’t attack anyway, cause I don’t have any chance to win.

Can you fix rerolls to have more chance to hit balanced battles?

Sorry for avg English.


The matches in Raid are determined by cups/trophies. If you are within 300 cups of your opponent, you can draw them in Raid.

The exception is in Revenges, where I believe cups goes over 300 to make the matches.

Everyone goes through a rough patch (sometimes a long, drawn out, interminable patch!) with Raid. Don’t let it bother you. Fight who you can; if you need ham, don’t reroll.

I actually ignored Raid for nearly two months once. No worries.

P.S. DONT upgrade your watchtower if you are trying to avoid Raid fights; sometimes that full ham/iron draws greedy opponents. If you don’t care about trophies, raise the Watchtower at will…it will give YOU free ham/iron every time you empty it. :slight_smile: