Chance to evolve special abilities, why is it so hard?

I dare

Is it just my great unluck or since the last updates it’s almost impossible to level the special abilities of the heros, I never go with less then 30% when evolving, but still in 10 tries I can’t get a single evolution…, so if the 30% chance is right why is it so hard to evolve a special ability.

Hope this problem is fixes, because this problem is starting to be desmotivating

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Bro is this is 3☆ best way is to feed a hero x4 of same card on 7/8 skill level … each same hero card willl add 25% more to the skill %
So x4 = 100% to get 8/8

Not bug, I’m not having trouble getting 8/8, best to feed 1* and 2*, no trainers.

Doesn’t really matter if you feed 1 or 10 at a time.

Patience like everything in this game.


I’ve recently had the same problem. I’ve taken to feeding any reluctant heroes 1x1 (same color) till their special eventually pops up. Every now and then I’ll feed 10x same color, or 1x1 rainbow just to mix things up.

Good luck to you!

Well in that case is just bad luck, very bad luck…

I always go with the same color, with no less then 30% chance (5x2* and 5x1*), before the last update, it was working fine, and I didn’t had problems evolving my 4* an 5*, but right now I just can’t get a single evolution

Yes luck changes, my worst was getting Guardian Panther to 6/8 at 3/56, I eventually got 8/8 before 3/70 but it was getting frustrating, others have been much quicker, just got Alkanen and he went to 2/8 on just 1 2*, it really is RNG luck.

Again, going 20% is no better than going 2% 10 times.

I currently have Rigard at 1/37 with special at 5/8.

I also have Triton at 3/14 and special at 3/8, not a single special increase beside 2 ascensions.

RNG being very lopsided between these 2.

Don’t worry, I never heard of a maxed 4* with less than 8/8 special…

I’m actually hoping to get to 4/70 and less than 8/8 and try the new boost in special percentage, so I’m not worried at all.

Well, that’s highly unlikely, but, best of luck, anyway! Please, keep us posted if you manage to get to 4/70 without maxing it’s special.

will do, this has a good if slim chance

No chance now Triton is at 3/50 and 6/8.

Rigard made it to 8/8 at 2/30.

Same problem here with sabina. Only her, not my other heroes

Fortunately the grind to 3/70 gives you lots more chances, I got to 7/8 at by 3/65, and he’s now 8/8 at 4/1, the special is complete.

A couple of weeks ago, it felt like increases to my specials were few and far between. But now I’ve been on a run of good luck, so things seem to have balanced out. :slight_smile:

Little John at 2-24 with only 3/8 skill (bad luck)
Chao at 1-37 with 4/8 skill (good luck!)
Kunchen* at 2-9 with 5/8 skill (good luck!)
Lancelot at 1-34 with 4/8 skill (good luck!)

*very good luck just getting Kunchen… I got him off a single draw using an epic token I got from a Titan chest. :smile:

EDIT/UPDATE: Lancelot is now at 1-37 with 5/8 skill - guaranteed max 8/8 after ascensions now. :slight_smile: I think that is the lowest level I’ve managed that with a 4* so far.

How is it that I I’m max level and can’t a access the talent grid???

The most likely reason is that the hero special skill isn’t maxed. It needs to be 8/8 in order to access the talent grid.
Fortunately once a hero is otherwise maxed, if their special is still not at 8/8, the chance to raise it by continued feeding is increased by a factor of five - 10 1* heroes, 5 2* heroes, or a single hero of the same one you’re trying to improve will now give a 100% chance of a special gain.

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