Chance of pulling a SPECIFIC 5* Legendary

So by my count there are 20 non-HOTM non-event (“normal”) 5* heroes

4 red 5* (Azlar Marjana Khagan Elena)

4 blue 5* (Isarnia Magni Thorne Richard)

4 green 5* (Kadilen Elkanen Horghall Lianna)

4 yellow 5* (Vivica Joon Justice Leonidas)

4 purple 5* (Sartana Quintus Obakan Domitia)

So we know that the odds of a legendary pull are 1.5% for a standard epic portal pull.

Question 1
Is the chance of getting a specific normal legendary 5* hero, eg Vivica, 1/20 x 1.5%?

Question 1B
Is the chance equally split between all 20 “normal” legendaries or are some heroes harder to get than others?

Question 2
Therefore, if we use the yellow elemental portal (which has 2.5% chance for a “normal” legendary pull), does the chance of pulling a particular hero eg Vivica now increase to 1/4 x 2.5%?

Just curious!

Yes for 1 and 2.
20 chars


Thanks Bane

So it basically makes no sense to do a regular epic pull if you are after a specific “normal” hero, as the odds are significantly greater in the elemental portal.


That’s it. Now with the odds its clearly worse than elemental.

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@bane has the truth of this.

I’d add that TC20 also has equal chances of any Classic 5*. Odds of a 5* appear to be 1:16, so odds of a specific 5* are 1:320 = 0.3125%.


Funny enough I just pulled Vivica…

She’s going to be good friends with Drake soon

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