Chance of getting a hero you've always wished

==Limited time training camp==

An idea I have been kicking around is a limited time training camp.

What if Halloween unlocked a limited time bonus training camp ( in addition to any your base already had ) with a 50% chance of any 3* being Vlad, 50% chance any 4* being Valeria, and 50% chance any 5* being Victor?

One of the many problems with this approach is big spenders cannot buy recruits, so strictly F2P ( bad idea, see notes ).

==Unlocking better training camps==

This topic had me thinking, what if you got these limited time training camps, but they unlocked based on max tier max level heroes you have leveled ?

Getting a 3* 3.50 heroes would be worth X points, a 4* 4.70 would be worth Y points, and a 5* 4.80 would be worth Z points.

At different points totals, different advanced buildings unlock.

Elemental Dark training camp
Spring event training camp
Guardians event training camp
first five HotM training camp

Switching between different advanced training camps would also give max base players something to do with a builder since you need a free builder to convert a basic building to an advanced building.

So F2P would get points slower than cash players, but it would still reward any player leveling heroes. Which means increased sales of 3*/ 4* ascension items. But even leveling enough 3* 3.50 heroes would eventually unlock all the advanced training camps.

Because any system has to have a way to monetize speeding it up.

==Once burned==

^^^ This

Small Giant already tried innovation, and got themselves badly burned.

I hope, after Pokemon GO proves that mobile MMOs can successful implement trading, Small Giant will consider it. Several of my teammates have duplicates of very good 3*/ 4* / 5* Heroes.

Being able to trade duplicate very good 3*/ 4*/ 5* heroes would allow you to track down someone with an extra Wu Kong, Joon or even Guardian Owl ( yes, some people collect owl heroes. Gryphonkit, my wife, collects fox themed heroes. As Pokemon GO shows, if the cost of trade scales for undesirable heroes, players will collect themed undesirable heroes like worst defense stat, worst art, most human looking, least human looking, etc. ).