Chance of getting a hero you've always wished

For a long time I was thinking about an offer which could please all players dedicating a lot of time to this game. Here it is :wink:

Would you add a bar for us which would start filling, say, from New Year’s Day to a particular day? It could take, say, a half year to be full. As soon as it would be full, we would get a special Token or something which would allow us to mark ONE hero of our own choice at Summon Gate. This marked hero would be guaranteed after doing any draw. That would also aplly to particular FORMER heroes of the month being available at the Season 2 Summon Gate.

We could use this option AT ANY TIME and after using it, the bar would start filling again.

To me, to get a hero we’ve always wished to have in this way would be the best reward for all of us.

Another way could be special limited offers we could buy along with ascension items or diamonds and there would be always one former HotM included.

I look forward to your opinions :wink:

Well, something’s gotta give. After spending over 10,000 gems in attempt to buy a 5* during this ‘special’ event, I bought a lot of unspecial heroes. And some of them look ridiculous under water. I’d like some kind of guarantee as well at this point. The lottery system is fine… when it isn’t rigged. I win far more in Vegas than I do this silly app. It isn’t worth my money anymore.


Good idea! Usually I say without thinking it’s not worth for the developers to give us anything similar like that but after playing a year or even more there is a point when u maybe stop spending as much caz’ it’s just not worth it anymore by the sense you have a lot of good heroes, maybe u lack items and let’s say u only really need one hero.
I can imagine that as kind of loyalty price. Something like a mixture of half a year spent playing and increased chance of pulling kind of stuff. In this scenario we don’t even have to talk about “getting stuff for sure”, since it’s not the game’s profile.


Now that is interesting. And I agree, SG resolutely resist the idea that anything is certain.

But how about a 0.01% improvement in odds every month?

Intriguing :thinking:

Also @LadyTamarwen, love how you express yourself on your profile bio :blush:

@JonahTheBard @Kerberusz, I like this idea too and can see it being a realistic option maybe with some variation.

Either bar fills up over months and/or with the # of gems spent?

I must’ve done 400-450 pulls, not too much but not like I didn’t spend and only have received 2 5*heroes I actually wanted, marjana and Victor. Victor off a epic token from MV of all places smh.

I got 6 Zim but Wth am I going to do with duplicates? Some trade in for discounted pull or maybe 3 5* heroes for a random 5* hero?


Does this bar fill strictly by time you spend or is money spent involved as well?

How about a combination?

Rewarding both temporal and financial loyalty


Well, what I’ve imagined is a bar similar to that of being right under our avatars in the game. I can also imagine its location. It could be in your Player Profile section. There is a message like this -> “You still need xxx experience points for the nex Level”.

I would put the bar right under the message. It would fill up slowly the same way as our bar for the next Levels.

I think we should reward loyalty instead. The game is for all social classes. those who invest money, those who spend a little money and those who can not. A good counter would be a calculation between the number of open monster chests, open raid chests, time counter since the player’s 1st day of play. And every year on his birthday, he chooses a hero. It’s a beautiful dream.


Exactly Kerberus! I’ve been playing almost 8 months, which is a lot of time dedicated to a game like this and I’m not willing to pay any more because I’ve always failed to get a particular hero I wanted to have. But if there would be this hero (former HotM in my case) included in an offer, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

This shouldn’t be a problem to give us such an offer once in a while.

The bar would be the best opportunity to get a hero like this though :wink:


I have already suggested this about 3 months ago.
It would be nice to be awarded for the time spent on here.


Lots of good ideas and a good amount of combinations/possibilities. I’m sure there could be an answer to these requests.
I also have to add: though happenings can be frustrating - like after 70 pulls not a single Zimkitha while your fellow teammate has like 6 of them in 50 pulls - I am trying not to complain, since no one asked me to pull and I believe exactly this is the key factor that makes this game so valuable for those playing it. Pure psychology, nowadays we can buy everything - in this game we can’t. That’s fine. I am 30 years old and if I get a great hero I’m happy like a child.
So taking everything into account like I’m a veteran (lvl 50), opening 3-4 chests daily, hitting every titan, competing in the events, hell I’m running even an E&P channel for the Hungarian community caz’ I enjoy this game so much :slight_smile: , and even spending regularly - I think I (and many more of us) can share their humble opinion on this matter. It wouldn’t change business policy at all, while it would reward loyalty, that would be awesome! :slight_smile: Have a nice evening everyone!


Nicely put :wink:

Our time is precious and I really find it unfair to all loyal players not to give us an opportunity to get a hero we wish and many other suggestions which would definitely make this game perfect :slight_smile:


But what fills the bar? Just game time or does x amount of $$$ spent?

I have no real problem with this idea. If just time it seems it could benefit all from any spending category since it’s basically 1 hero a year, maybe 2 at most.

I just think SG will see it as a stab to their bottom line since players are more likely to drop more dough for a “chance” at that hero they’ve wanted all year over a guarantee. And end game players do get very selective with which heros they’ll pull for.

Now a way to deter that stab to their bottomline would be to add $$$ spent into the bar as well, but then it moves the game further towards p2w(which i am very against if you haven’t read my other posts)

So not saying it’s a bad idea. Just couple things to keep in mind and give you food for thought to maybe further develop your idea somehow to combat those snags and help better sell your idea to SG.

It’s never the players you have to convince with ideas like this. It’s the devs.

Look at other ideas that have a crap ton of votes but have yet to be implemented. Devs see $$$, if you can put a spin on it that doesnt hurt their bottom line, better yet even improve it, while adding further enjoyment to the game for players as well then your idea has a much much higher chance of becoming a reality

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Let’s say there would something like this next to the bar -> 180 days left. The bar would fill day by day and you could see the progress, for example like this -> 20%. It could be the same as you look at how many percents have left for the next Level, which is the yellow bar in your Player Profile.

As for the spending money, well, the bar could fill up faster if you spend some.

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I proposed 2 options for this covering both f2p and spenders.

  1. f2p! a counter with say 365 days (example only) could be halved to make it 2 lots a year.

Miss a day and the counter resets back to zero. Sounds harsh but what is a loyalty reward if not a reward for being on daily.

  1. spenders! Set a counter with an amount target like say (for example) $2000.00 , when you have spent this amount on the game you get a random 5* hero. Spend $5000 and get one of your choice.

Just ideas that may just make this suggestion work for both types of players.


What if we went a different way with it.

Instead of picking 1 hero to guarantee.

How about picking a minimum of let’s say a pool of 10 or 20 heros the player could summon from. Take the spending part of the bar out of it.

This would still encourage players to spend on heros they want.

They still wouldnt get a guaranteed hero so that 1 hero they want, they still may have to chase but at least they would have a satisfactory fallback hero they get if they don’t get that 1.

This special summons would cost 600 gems, have an increased chance at a Bonus pull of that month’s current HoTM

Just a rough idea. I think a nice once a year bonus(since many dont play that long anyways, may encourage players to play longer which in turn increases profits for SG) would be a nice addon.

Would reward both f2p and spenders. Would also rely on gameplay so it wouldnt give either group an advantage. We get enough guaranteed mats in a year to ascend a rainbow 5* team anyways, guaranteeing players 1 of those heros a year would go hand in hand with that for all spending categories.

Not saying SG would ever implement this or that players would ever support this.

Again simply food for thought. I’ll spend to get heros i want whether it’s implemented or not, so doesnt effect me one way or the other.

Hope this contributes something to your idea and maybe you develop it even better. Or simply punch holes in it to show me why it won’t work.

All feedback good or bad is appreciated.


I like the idea, would do it to reward those loyal players.

So i’m thinking on something like loging 180 days consecutively and filling a monster and battle chet per day.


I like your message, Rigs :wink:

Personally, I’d rather choose 1 former HotM which I’ve failed to summon several times at Season 2 Summon Gate. The fact a lot of players started playing this game later than the first HotM was released gave the others an advantage over them. Why? Because they simply had the opportunity to summon it at Season 1 Summon Gate, which meant far higher probability to get it as a bonus draw.

Now you can try to summon it at Season 2 Summon Gate but the probability is far less to get it.

Now the reality is I may NEVER summon that particular hero even after spending a lot of money because there are much more heroes and much less probability to get it at Season 2 Summon Gate :frowning:


I’m sure everybody wishes at least one particular hero. I wish I could start playing before the first HotM was released.

It should be noted that to get former HotMs is now much more difficult than summoning them at the time they were first introduced as a bonus draw at Season 1 Summon Gate. This simply gave a lot of players advantage over the others.

It can happen to us we will never summon these particular heroes whether you spent money or not. And that’s why I offer that solution which would also be a great reward for all loayal players :wink:


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